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Application Story: Temperature Measurement and Control for Industrial Boilers with Process Sensors

Process Sensors
For those of us who don't live in the tropics or have electric heating, a boiler provides heat for our homes. A boiler is a tank or vessel where a fluid circulates and heats up. Boilers are not just for the home, as they are also used in industrial processes, power generation, and sanitation. The fuel source for boilers and industrial boilers may be natural gas, coal, oil, wood, trash or even nuclear fission. Industrial...

Near Infrared Measurements: How Do They Work?

Process Sensors
Near Infrared Measurements are based on specific absorption bands in the electromagnetic spectrum between 800 and 2500 nanometers (nm).  This region is just above the visible light region of 400 - 700 nm.  Electromagnetic waves in the region have the best combination of energy, sensitivity, and absorption to be useful for quantitative measurements of solid materials. While full-spectrum analyzers may utilize the entire spectrum and multivariate mathematical treatments such as Principal Component Regression (PCR), Partial...