Industries We Serve

Arming you with the understandable, actionable insight needed to operate within your industry, we remove the guesswork with efficient solutions from premier providers in our global network to bring you peace of mind.


With the critical demand of knowledgeable workforce in the oil & gas industry, BBP promises to provide you with products and trainings that ensure a thorough understanding of maintaining a safe, reliable workplace.


BBP serves our customers quality control systems to measure continuous batch production processes found in chemical plants. Constant monitoring and testing pose various requirements for control systems considering the batch production processes.


Our experience with the full range of unit operations allows our customers to meet the needs of the most challenging of projects while keeping a safe and efficient plant up to refining industry standards.


Our sales team is equipped with the best services and practices to provide customers with solutions that suit power plant’s advanced needs while addressing the unique challenges associated with the maintenance, repairs, upgrades and other intricacies of operating power plants.


We integrate our methods of best practice, solutions and technical expertise with visionary engineer firms to produce viable projects that serve their communities with unprecedented outcomes.


Our number one goal is to provide customers with the tools and solutions that produce a safe, high-quality and consumable product while keeping sustainability and efficient practices in mind.


With access to leading-edge technology and vast application expertise, BBP will work with you to create and implement reliable, effective water solutions that operate smoothly under a competitive market.


Demonstrating leadership in responsible pulp & paper operations, we provide our customers with efficient automation solutions that minimize your carbon footprint and maximize your overall plant efficiency.


Efficiency and reliability are key components to successful pharmaceutical manufacturing practices, which is why we deliver the most innovative approaches to ensure efficient solutions suitable to our customer’s needs with quality assurance.