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Dissolved oxygen analyzers measure the amount of oxygen dissolved or carried in the process liquid. There are three common technologies for dissolved oxygen measurements: polographic, galvanic and optical. The standard units of measure are milligrams per liter (mg/l), parts per million (ppm), parts per billion (ppb), or % saturation.

  • High Pressure/ High Temperature Conductivity Sensor SC42/SX42

    The DO402G is a dissolved oxygen converter that is designed to meet the exacting requirements of measuring dissolved oxygen in the modern industrial environment. It accepts inputs from both galvanic and polarographic sensors and can display/transmit numerous signals including percent saturation, mg oxygen/l water and ppm.

    The DO402G supplements conventional temperature compensation with barometric pressure and salinity compensation functions for
    higher measurement accuracy. Measurement range is a wide 0 to 50 mg/L for both aerobic and anaerobic water treatment applications. The DO402G converter makes human interface simple. Yes / No dialogues guide operators through programming menus. Automatically compensated values appear in parts per million, mg / liter or percent saturation. Simply select outputs for alarm, control, washtimer and fault to program the system to any level of sophistication. In addition, the DO402G converter features easy operation and self-diagnostic functions which detect stability problems and zero-point errors during calibration, as well as temperature and measurement problems during operation.

    • Versatile sensor inputs
    • On-line sensor checking monitors integrity of membrane
    • Event logbook in software
    • Four fully configurable SPDT contact outputs
    • Two fully configurable mA outputs
    • Built-in PI controller
    • Easy to use EXA control panel

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  • 2-Wire Dual Channel Transmitter/Analyzer FLEXA

    The model FLEXA®202  two-wire analyzer is used for continuous on-line measurements in industrial appplications. It offers an option for single or dual sensor measurement, making it the most flexible 2-wire analyzer available. The model FLEXA® modular-designed series analyzer offers 4 parameter choices – pH/ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), contacting conductivity (SC), inductive conductivity (ISC) or dissolved oxygen (DO) – with the respective sensor module.

    Details and Features:

    Support of Up to Two Sensors

    Through the installation of up to two sensors, FLXA202 realizes interruption-free measurement even during maintenance. For dual sensor measurement, the sensor modules must be the same parameter – pH/ORP and pH/ORP, SC and SC, and DO and DO. Dual sensor measurement offers additional functionalities including a variety of calculated data from the two measuring parameters, as well as, the option to program the analyzer as a redundant system.

    Advanced Functions

    With the FLXA202, one analyzer can accept any of four types of measurements: pH/ORP, Contacting Conductivity (SC), Inductive Conductivity (ISC) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO)Sensors with self-diagnostics capabilities. Additional functions include:

    • Continuous measurement of sensor impedance, asymmetric potential, and slope, and continuous monitoring for electrode contamination/damage, burnout, and decline in measurement liquid level (ex. pH Analyzer)
    • Online Sensor Wellness checking for predictive maintenance

    Clear Touch Panel Display for Improved Operability

    The FLEXA series analyzer provides improved operability with intuitive touchscreen operation, featuring a clear display and user-friendly indication with 12 languages. A quick setup menu for immediate measurement and a display of sensor status and estimated maintenance time improve efficiency. The interactive screen is housed in a robust aluminum die-cast housing (FLXA202) or a plastic construction (FLXA21).

    Modular Design for Increased Scalability

    The FLEXA™ series analyzer features a modular design with replaceable sensor modules, enabling the construction of a variety of systems. Users can opt to do without a display and can also select the case material (plastic or stainless steel).

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