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Magnetic flow meters provide flexible configurations for industrial use in most areas. They are reliable in clean/dirty liquids, abrasive/corrosive conditions, low pressure and low velocity environments.


    The ADMAG AXF is the magnetic flow meter which has adopted the proven Dual Frequency Excitation. Moreover, the Enhanced Dual Frequency Excitation has been newly added to tackle more severe applications. The AXF has user-friendly functions; such as an electrode adhesion level diagnosis function, infra-red switches which can be used for setting parameters without opening the case cover, ability to change the direction of electrical connection on the site. Based on FOUNDATION™ fieldbus specifications, AXF Fieldbus models offer more flexible instrumentation through a higher level communication capability and propose the cost reduction by multi-drop wirings with less cables. FOUNDATION™ fieldbus is a registered trademark of Fieldbus FOUNDATION. View more flow products from BBP here.


    The ADMAG AXR two-wire magnetic flow meter can be installed in the two-wire system without any AC power source, thus drastically reducing the initial instrumentation cost. The ADMAG AXR is the world’s first two-wire magnetic flow meter which employs the fluid noise free “Dual Frequency Excitation Method,” achieving excellent stability for instrumentation. Like the AXF four-wire magnetic flow meter series, the ADMAG AXR has user-friendly functions such as a full dot-matrix LCD indicator, electrode adhesion level diagnosis function, and a multi-lingual display. The magnet switches can be used for checking and setting parameters without opening the case cover.


    2-wire Power Loop
    An extra AC power supply is not necessary. 2-wire loop powered performance allows direct connection to DCS I/O card possible, allowing for real cost reductions.

    • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX on site.
    • Power consumption reduced by 40% compared to a typical 4-wire magnetic flowmeter.
    • Annual CO2 emissions can be reduced from approximately 60 kg to 1.2 kg (compared to a standard 4-wire magnetic flowmeter).

    Dual Frequency Performance
    Yokogawa’s unique and advanced excitation method, “Dual Frequency Excitation,” achieves stable measurement, zero stability and quick response times. The exclusive technology for stable and reliable measurement on your site.

    Noise Reduction Technology
    Flow noise reduction is further achieved by incorporating smooth mirror finished PFA liners and special surface finished electrodes. This is further enhanced with aligned super high density coils that generate a stronger magnetic field.

    SIL2 Certified
    Yokogawa believes safety should not be an option; it should be standard in all modern products. AXR is the first 2-wire magmeter of SIL2 Safety Integrity Level (IEC 61508) certified. AXR is capable of SIL2 single use and SIL3 redundant use, as standard.

    Parameter Operation
    AXR has magnet switches for parameter setting. Users can access the functions without removing the case cover in hazardous, humid, and dusty environments.

    Adhesion Diagnostic Level Function
    The electrode is one of the most important parts of a magnetic flow meter. Only ADMAG flow meters have “Adhesion Diagnostic Level Function”. It diagnoses the condition of electrode surface and indicates the adhesion/coating in 4 levels. Users can change the detection level (threshold) depending on each individual process condition. This allows for predictive maintenance and reduced operating costs.

    Alarm Indication
    ADMAG AXR employs a full-dot matrix LCD indicator. It can display up to 3 lines as required by the user and is available in multiple languages. If an alarm is triggered, a clear message is displayed along with a solution.

    High Accuracy
    The ADMAG AXR performs 0.5% of rate under normal flow rate conditions.

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    The ADMAG CA magnetic flow meter picks_up the electromotive force generated in a fluid by electrodes provided outside a ceramic pipe through the capacitance of the pipe. In addition, the flow meter employs a prominent high-frequency excitation method that reduces flow noise in low conductivity fluid. The ADMAG CA magnetic flow meter is excellent at measurement in ultra-low conductivity fluids down to 0.01 microS/cm, adhesive fluids, or slurry fluids. Since ADMAG CA employs a non-wetted electrode construction, picking up the signal voltage by electrode plates provided outside a ceramic pipe through the capacitance of the pipe.


    Ultra Low Conductivity Measurements
    Capacitance type electrodes and very high impedance amplifier of ADMAG CA makes ultralow conductive fluid measurement possible. This combined technology allows the ADMAG CA to measure fluids with conductivity levels as low as 0.01μS/cm.

    Accuracy Specification

    Offers accuracy up to 0.5% of flow rate.

    Non-wetted Electrodes
    The ADMAG CA utilizes a non-wetted electrode design. Instead, electrode pickup plates are placed on the measuring tube to pick up and measure the electromotive force. The non-wetted electrodes create an excellent opportunity for use in chemical and slurry applications as it is not affected by the corrosion, coating, ultra-low conductivity, and abrasive issues associated with wetted electrodes.
    This reduces the effect of slurry or process noise, eliminates potential leak paths, and makes it ideal for high coating process applications.

    Ceramic Liner – Excellent for Corrosive Fluid and Abrasive Fluid
    Ceramic liner tubes have many advantages over fluoropolymer (PFA/PTFE) or other liner materials like rubber. ADMAG CA uses alumina ceramic (Al2O3 ) for its ceramic liner tubes, which demonstrates excellent characteristics for a broad range of applications.
    The alumina ceramic (Al2O3 ) used in the ADMAG CA has a purity of 99.9%.
    These properties of the ceramic liner provide excellent:

    • resistance to abrasion, ensuring accurate measurements even with highly abrasive slurries
    • resistance to corrosive fluids
    • durability under high temperature and high pressure conditions without additional metal tube

    Coating Resistant
    Non-wetted capacitive electrodes can measure electromotive force through capacitance including coating insulating material, offering steady measurement. The ADMAG CA is ideal for field-proven applications such as latex, reclaimed oil, hot spring water, red mud, and dye which are more difficult to measure with conventional magnetic flow meters.

    Mirror Finished Surface
    By means of a special magnetic polishing process, the inner surface of the ceramic liner tube can be given a mirror finish. This polishing method is advantageous in eliminating problems such as abrasive irregularities and dull edges and will reduce the coating affects of your process. The mirror finished ceramic liner tube has a surface roughness of Ra 0.1 μm.

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