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GE offers reliable moisture and humidity measurement solutions. Our offering includes multi-feature sensors, moisture sensors, moisture analyzers and highly sensitive, stable oxide moisture probes and precise moisture generators. GE’s solutions are built on the the legacy Panametrics product line.


    The 20015x Accelerometers are general purpose, wide frequency, case-mounted seismic transducers designed for use with Trendmaster* proTIMs. The 200150 Series Accelerometers also operates with the Trendmaster2000 system. The accelerometer interfaces with the 200100 Dual Acceleration to Velocity flexiTIM* Module and the 89130-01 Acceleration-to-Velocity TIM (Transducer Interface Module), as well as the 1900/25 and 1900/27 monitors. The 20015x Accelerometers feature a hermetically sealed, stainless steel case. This design provides an extremely rugged transducer that is well suited for harsh industrial environments. The transducer’s top-mounted, 5-pin connector allows you to easily install and remove the interconnecting signal cable. A 3/8-24 threaded hole on the bottom of the sensor’s casing accommodates several mounting options. The 20015x Accelerometers contain a piezoelectric sensing device that generates a charge when it is subjected to vibration. The accelerometers electronically convert this charge to a differential voltage signal that is proportional to the acceleration that is parallel to the sensitive axis of the transducer.

    Application Advisories

    1. Use of the 200155 and 200157 Accelerometers with 1900 monitors or with TIMs other than those listed in Table 1 will result in false readings.

    2. Operating the transducers outside their specified limits will result in false readings or loss of machine monitoring.

    3. The maximum allowed cable length for use with the 200155 is 50 feet.

    4. 20015x accelerometers may be installed in a Class I, Zone 0 application without a barrier, if they are being used with the wSIM.

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  • 3500_Series_Machinery_Monitoring_System

    The 3500 Series Machinery Monitoring System provides continuous, online monitoring suitable for machinery protection and asset condition monitoring applications. It represents our most capable and flexible system in a traditional rack-based design and offers numerous features and advantages not provided in other systems.

    Whether generating power, compressing and pumping fluids, or driving process equipment, the oil & gas industry relies on critical machinery every hour of every day. In these settings, machinery failure isn’t just inconvenient, it can be catastrophic. While repair costs alone can be staggering, the partial or even total loss of production resulting from critical machinery failure – sometimes worth millions per day – can mean the difference between profit and loss for the entire year. With so much at stake, mechanical condition monitoring is more than just a good idea, it’s a necessity. Continuously monitoring critical asset parameters such as vibration, temperature, speed, and numerous other condition indicators is a proven method for anticipating and preventing mechanical failures – proven in tens of thousands of industrial facilities around the world by delivering tangible benefits such as:
    • Improved protection from catastrophic failures
    • Better machinery reliability/availability
    • Fewer process interruptions
    • Enhanced maintenance/outage planning
    • Lower maintenance and repair costs
    • Longer intervals between outages
    • Reduced insurance premiums

    Features and Benefits of the 3500 Series Machinery Monitoring System

    • The industry’s most extensive selection of machinery measurement parameters combined with software configuration for virtually all monitor options
    • Maximum reliability with extensive self-checking and fault tolerant design features
    • Rugged design that is fully compliant with the American Petroleum Institute’s Standard API 670 and API 618 requirements, Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Factory Mutual (FM), GOST, ATEX, and CE requirements
    • Compatibility with a variety of locally or remotely mounted displays
    • Flexibility for configuration with various levels of redundancy, ranging from simplex modules to dual power supplies to redundant relay modules with wide ranging and flexible logical operator options for configuring complex relay logic as desired
    • An Ethernet port in the 3500/22M Rack Interface Module and a single network cable to communicate with GE’s System 1® software, connecting condition monitoring and diagnostic software
    • Optional DNV and Class NK certifications for maritime applications, and communication gateway module to connect to plant control and automation systems
    • TÜV Functional Safety Certification that can be supplied for applications requiring up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2, when the product is used as part of a safety instrumented system

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  • DewPro_MMY30_-_Dew_Point_Transmitter

    The DewPro MMY30 is a loop-powered dew point transmitter for analyzing moisture content in desiccant air dryers, pipeline natural gas and industrial gases. The 4-20 mA output measures dew point temperature or ppm in gases at line pressure or atmospheric pressure. It features a planar capacitive aluminum oxide sensor for exceptional corrosion resistance, extended calibration stability, quick response times and an exceptionally low-temperature coefficient.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Loop-powered, 4 to 20 mA transmitter
    • Fast response planar aluminum oxide sensor
    • Integral filtering and flow regulation
    • Trouble-free indoor or outdoor mounting
    • Field validation with the MMY245 moisture analyzer
    • Microcontroller electronics in Type 4X/IP67 enclosure


    The DewPro MMY30 is a loop-powered transmitter with 4 to 20 mA output. The DewPro MMY30 is specifically designed to measure dew point or ppm in gases at line pressure or atmospheric pressure. The planar aluminum oxide sensor provides excellent corrosion resistance, longer calibration stability, quick response times, and an exceptionally low temperature coefficient. The optional integrated display with user interface provides full programming and diagnostic capability.

    The DewPro MMY30 features an integral flow cell for filtration and flow regulation making it ideal for monitoring the moisture content in various process environments. Several options are available for the process connection allowing easy installation of the transmitter. Applications include desiccant air dryers, pipeline natural gas and industrial gases.

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  • high-temperature-velocity-and-acceleration-sensor

    The 330750 and 330752 High Temperature Velomitor System (HTVS) has a design that segregates the sensing element from the signal conditioning electronics, with the two permanently connected via a hardline cable. Due to the segregated design, the signal conditioning electronics can be installed in a cooler location. This achieves overall transducer system performance comparable to other Velomitor transducers, but permits use at significantly higher temperatures. By eliminating connections between the sensing head and its associated signal conditioning electronics, a significant source of potential transducer failures (connector problems) is eliminated.


    Parameters are specified from 20 to +30C (68 to +86F) and 100Hz unless otherwise indicated


    5.7 mV/mm/s (145 mV/in/s) ±5%
    Frequency response:
    15 to 2000 Hz (900 to 120,000 cpm) 3.0 dB; 20 to 1000 Hz (1,200 to 60,000 cpm) 0.9 dB
    Transient Temperature Sensitivity
    0.0762 mm/s/°C (0.003 in/s/°C), typical, as defined in ISO 534718:1993(E)
    Amplitude range:
    635 mm/s (25 in/s) peak below 680 Hz. 2940 m/s2 (300 g) peak above 680 Hz. Vibration at frequencies above 2 kHz will decrease this range.
    Transverse sensitivity:
    Less than 5% of Sensitivity
    Amplitude linearity:
    ±2% to 152 mm/s (6 in/s) peak
    Mounted resonant frequency:
    Greater than 5 kHz

    Broadband Noise floor (15Hz to 2kHz)
    0.127 mm/s (0.005 in/s) rms nominal
    Maximum cable length:
    305 metres (1000 feet) with no degradation of signal.

    Environmental Limits

    Operating and storage temperature range

    Sensing head: Maximum mounted surface temperature 55C to 400C (67F to 752F)

    Integral hardline cable: 55C to 400 (67F to 752F)

    Electronics: 55C to 121C (67F to 250F)

    Shock survivability: 24,535 m/s2 (2500 g) peak

    Relative humidity: To 100% non-submerged; case is hermetically sealed.

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  • SCOUT100-EX

    The SCOUT100-EX Vibration Data Collector, Analyzer and Balancer is a portable hardware monitoring device that supports dual-channel vibration data collection, analysis, and balancing. Use the device to collect data from sensors on a route, for machine-side analysis and diagnosis, and on-site dynamic balance correction. The SCOUT100-EX is ATEX Zone 2 and IECEx Zone 2 compliant and safe for hazardous areas. It is both light and rugged. The neck strap includes an integrated Sensor Keeper that restrains your sensor while you walk or climb to reach other machines. The device includes a complete suite of advanced recording and analysis capabilities, including 6Pack recordings, coastdown and long time waveform. The SCOUT100-EX offers plenty of storage and long battery life. The device comes with a five year warranty. It works with System 1 software.

    The SCOUT100-EX Vibration Data Collector, Analyzer and Balancer offers the following features:

    • Up to two-channel, simultaneous on-route recordings
    • Unique 6Pack recording system
    • DC-coupled sensor support
    • One GB memory plus virtually unlimited spectra and waveform storage
    • Ten hours of battery life
    • 6,400 lines FFT resolution
    • 40 kHz Fmax
    • Wide measurement range — 1,000 g, 25,000mm/s, 2,500mm
    • Two-plane balancing
    • Laser speed sensor for automatic capture of machine running speed
    • Keyphasor tach mode
    • Dynamic range ≥ 95 dB
    • USB host port for data transfer to external USB memory
    • Excellent ergonomics for walk-around data collection
    • High contrast, backlit and direct-sunlight readable LCD
    • True left and right-handed operation
    • Sensor cable self-test feature
    • Lightweight, rugged IP65 rated case
    • Five-year warranty on the instrument hardware
    • ATEX and IECEx Zone 2 hazardous location certification
    • Field-upgradable Proflash system and free firmware updates for five years

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  • SCOUT140-EX

    SCOUT140-Ex is a portable four-channel vibration data collector, analyzer and balancer. You can use this device for onroute data collection, machine-side analysis and diagnosis, and on-site dynamic balance correction. SCOUT140-Ex is ATEX Zone 2 and IECEx Zone 2 complaint and safe for hazardous areas. It is both light and rugged. The neck strap includes an integrated Sensor Keeper that restrains your sensor while you walk or climb to reach other machines. The device includes a complete suite of advanced recording and analysis capabilities, including tri-axial and 6Pack recordings, coast-down, long time waveform, modal analysis and cross channel spectrum (ODS). The SCOUT140-EX offers plenty of storage and long battery life. The device comes with a five year warranty. It works with System 1 software.

    The SCOUT140-EX Vibration Data Collector, Analyzer and Balancer offers the following features:

    • Up to four-channel, simultaneous on-route recordings
    • Simultaneous acquisition, two-plane balancing with up to four sensors
    • Unique 6Pack recording system
    • DC-coupled sensor support
    • Support for acceleration, velocity, displacement, DCcoupled, current and voltage output sensors
    • Triax-enabled
    • One GB memory plus virtually unlimited spectra and waveform storage
    • Ten hours of battery life
    • 12,800 lines of resolution
    • 80 kHz Fmax
    • Up to four channel time-synchronous averaging with tach input
    • Full transient analysis including Coastdown/Runup and Long Time Waveform
    • Modal Impact Testing & Cross Channel Spectrum (ODS)
    • Ability to export data in Universal File Format (UFF) for additional analysis in ODS software such as Vibrant Technology ME’ scope
    • USB host port for data transfer to external USB memory
    • Excellent ergonomics for walk-around data collection
    • High contrast, backlit and direct-sunlight readable LCD
    • True left and right-handed operation
    • Numeric parameter input via keypad with trend and alarm capability
    • Sensor cable self-test feature
    • Lightweight, rugged IP65 rated case
    • Five-year warranty on the instrument hardware
    • ATEX and IECEx Zone 2 hazardous location certification
    • Field-upgradable Proflash system and free firmware updates for five years

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  • SCOUT200-IS

    SCOUT220 IS is an Intrinsically Safe portable data collection solution designed for hazardous environments. You can use this small form-factor, rugged device to take vibration recordings and upload the collected data for detailed analysis in System 1 Evolution software. The overall system consisting of the data collector and the industrial handheld is rated ATEX Zone 1 / Zone 21 for non conductive dust, and CSA Class 1 Zone 1. The SCOUT220-IS data collector also gives you access to sites requiring hot work permits.

    The SCOUT200 IS arrangement speaks to the up and coming era of more brilliant, inherently safe compact information authorities from Bently Nevada. The SCOUT200 Series accompanies a modern handheld gadget which wipes out the requirement for a PC or other programming bundles at the information accumulation site. Completely bolstered by System 1 condition checking and analytic programming, the SCOUT200 arrangement coordinates with your suite of Bently Nevada compact and observing items for a far reaching condition based support arrangement.


    • Provides an economical condition monitoring solution.Specifically designed to allow rapid data collection by non-expert users with feedback via a straightforward needle graph summary.
    • Ideal solution for lower-criticality rolling element bearing machines.
    • More than 32 GB of storage.
    • Rugged hardware design.
    • IP67-sealed data collector.
    • IP68-sealed handheld device.
    • Spectrum and waveform, overall trends and alarm bands displays all available in the field.
    • Supports remote data acquisition with centralized analysis via the System 1 “Remote Comms” system, providing simple data transfer to and from the instrument in the field without requiring a PC or software.
    • Two input channels plus speed input.
    • Supports the patented Commtest 6Pack* recording system for rapid data acquisition by taking six recordings per channel simultaneously.
    • Supported by System 1 for integration into your comprehensive Bently Nevada condition monitoring and protection solution.
    • Equipped with a practical, multi-purpose handheld device.
    • Backed by Bently Nevada’s 50+ years of industry leading experience.

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  • Sentinel-LNG

    Sentinel LNG extends the use of ultrasonic technology into cryogenic applications. Like the Sentinel LCT, it has no moving parts and uses four-path Robust Path Configuration™. Sentinel LNG uses Bundle Waveguide Technology™ to direct greater tranducer signals into the process while protecting the transducers from cryogenic temperatures.


    System 1 Classic Condition Monitoring Software is a patented condition monitoring software platform for real-time optimization of equipment and selected processes, condition monitoring, and event diagnostics. Similar in concept to a process control system which allows users to understand, diagnose, and control their process conditions in real time, the System 1 platform provides this capability for the assets that drive your process.


    • Sophisticated alarm management
    • Configurable data acquisition and storage resolution
    • Powerful analytic and diagnostic capabilities
    • Support for Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies
    • Fully customizable displays
    • Enhanced IT management and support capabilities
    • Database integration with GE Predix
    • Highly scalable
    • Role focused user interfaces
    • Root cause analysis


    • Increased safety
    • Improved reliability and availability
    • Optimized maintenance costs
    • Lower energy costs
    • Increased thermal efficiency/optimized heat rate
    • Move data, not people
    • Easier collaboration
    • Faster response, reduced human variance
    • Scale expert knowledge

    System 1 Applications & Extensions

    Enterprise Impact – Fleet Management

    See your machine health – from the machine to fleet levels – in a single, secure web-based dashboard with System 1® Fleet Management. Fleet Management brings increased accessibility, usability, and capability to the System 1 suite of tools and allows customers to get the maximum value out of System 1.

    • Increased accessibility, usability and capability for condition monitoring
    • Access to critical information from System 1 via web browser
    • Enabling maximum value from your System 1 investment
    • Cyber secure connectivity
    • Scalable architecture connects System 1 from multiple locations
    • Simple setup and navigation for instrument and machine health
    • A “list view” summary of all instruments based on health
    • Easy-to-use advisory, alarm and event list, including supporting evidence (trends and waveforms)
    • Analysis Tab to compare machine, measurements etc across sites.

    Bently Performance Software

    This software product extends the functionality of System 1® to include online thermodynamic performance and asset efficiency monitoring of machinery. By integrating with the System 1 database and display modules, Bently PERFORMANCE™ provides comprehensive information on the condition of machines in combined efficiency, mechanical and thermodynamic formats.

    Effective performance management of machinery assets requires a carefully designed system that combines high quality software and system engineering – from sensors to the thermodynamic calculations that provide performance information. This solution provides all of the extra engineering required to ensure that the available thermodynamic performance information meets stringent requirements for accuracy and repeatability.

    System 1 Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS)

    The System 1® Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS) offered as part of GE’s Bently Nevada product suite can predict the level of stack emissions generated by combustion equipment (typically gas turbines) based on ambient conditions, fuel composition and machine operating conditions while taking into account real time degradations.

    Emissions models are developed using GE’s knowledge of aeroderivative and industrial gas turbines combining fundamental physics and real emissions test data. The resulting model can be tuned using periodic data from temporarily installed emissions monitoring system for continued or improved accuracy.

    System 1 Decision Support
    Decision Support Studio enables users to embed years of knowledge into a usable format of rules that can be broadly applied across a business in a repeatable and manageable process. The System 1 software platform now comes with core Decision Support capability with the ability to write basic rules with parametric calculations using RuleDesk Lite*. Decision Support Studio expands the rule-writing capability using RuleDesk Pro* to include dynamic data, more complex functions and added security and testing capabilities.


    RulePaks provide the following benefits:

    • Maximize plant availability
    • Optimize plant maintainability
    • Mitigate Operational Risks
    • Rapid application of expertise from outside your business
    • Asset life extension

    RulePaks have the following capabilities:

    • Configurable advisories
    • Robust IT security
    • Easy plug-in to System 1 platform
    • RulePaks can be deployed across your business
    • Can drive user notifications with Actionable Information

    Learn about GE Flow Gas Moisture products available at BBP.


    Built upon the superior intelligence and diagnostics of the original condition monitoring software, the newly re-engineered System 1 Evolution boasts many revolutionary features, including a new, super-intuitive interface, amazing vibration monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, more reliable functionality and a modular architecture that allows you to customize your experience to meet your specific needs.

    User Experience

    Modern consumer software applications have pushed the envelope when it comes to user experience; we believe the same expectations apply for industrial CM applications

    • Modern and Intuitive Interface
    • Continuous User Involvement
    • User Driven CM and Diagnostic Workflows

    System 1 provides scale when it comes to database management, diagnostics, and work prioritization.

    • High resolution trend, alarm, & startup/shutdown data
    • Short-term “black box” flight recorder for trend data
    • Anti-Friction & Hydrodynamic Bearing Diagnostics
    • Diagnostic Reporting


    Successful condition monitoring programs require collaboration between departments and controlled access to the tools:

    • Distributed Client/Server Deployment Model
    • Remote Portable Data Transfer
    • User Security Profiles

    Embedded Expertise

    Bently Nevada differentiates itself by providing equipment focused solutions and best practice configuration & diagnostics:

    • Equipment State Based Data Collection & Alarming
    • Equipment Models drive best practice configuration
    • Embedded TA, ISO 10816-3, 10816-7, & 14694 Wizards


    You need to get the most out of your production equipment, while lowering operating and maintenance expenses. We’ll work with you to accomplish that goal. Our Supporting Service Agreements (SSAs) range from installation assistance to 24/7 remote monitoring to onsite condition monitoring program management, designed to maximize the value of your investment in condition monitoring technology.

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  • TransPort-PT878G

    The TransPort PT878GC is a portable, clamp-on ultrasonic gas flow meter. Designed for short-term flow survey work for natural gas pipeline, compressed air, inert gas or any compressed gas applications, it has the ability to measure gas flow rates, log data to internal memory and export flow data to a PC. It is especially useful for metering of erosive, corrosive, toxic, high-purity or sterile gases or in any application where penetrating the pipe wall is undesirable.

    Features and Benefits

    • Installation in just minutes
    • No need for shutdowns or interrupting the process because no tapping
    or cutting of pipe wall is required
    • Non-invasive clamp-on transducers
    • Temperatures up to 230°C
    • Velocity, volumetric, totalized actual and standard flow
    • 3/4 to 24-inch pipe size capability
    • Built-in datalogger for 100,000 measurements
    • Built-in ultrasonic pipe thickness gage (optional)


    The TransPort PT878GC portable gas flow meter is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for measurement of most gases, including:

    • Natural gas
    • Compressed air
    • Fuel gases
    • Erosive gases
    • Corrosive gases
    • Toxic gases
    • High-purity gases
    • Air separation gases

    Portable Flow Metering at Its Best

    The TransPort PT878GC flowmeter is a highly versatile, self-contained, portable transit-time system with options and accessories to meet a variety of gas flow measurement needs. Its compact size, lightweight, rechargeable battery pack, and universal power supply charger make it the ideal go-anywhere flowmeter.
    Historically, clamp-on flow metering was limited to liquids because existing methods could not work on metal pipes containing gases. GE developed new technology that extends all the benefits of clamp-on flow metering to gas measurement. This remarkable ultrasonic technology works with gases at high or low pressure in pipes made of metal and most other materials.
    The TransPort PT878GC flowmeter can be used to measure the flow of any gas. It is especially useful for metering erosive, corrosive, toxic, high-purity or sterile gases, or in any application where penetrating the pipe wall is undesirable. Since no tapping or cutting of the pipe is required, permanent installation costs are significantly reduced. The meter has no wetted or moving parts, causes no pressure drop and has very wide rangeability.
    The new meter was tested extensively on metal pipes with diameters as small as 0.75 inches (20 mm) and as large as 24 inches (600 mm). This meter is suitable for measuring the flow of air, hydrogen, natural gas and many other gases.

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  • trademaster-PRO

    Trendmaster Pro is an online condition monitoring system that links hundreds of permanently mounted transducers and measurement points onto a single-cable sensor network. Wiring costs are dramatically reduced when compared to a conventional continuous monitoring system, yet individual measurement points can be scanned by the system every few minutes to provide quasi-continuous condition monitoring data.

    Features and Benefits

    Signal Processing Hardware
    Compact, centralized signal processing stations, known as Dynamic Scanning Modules (DSMs) are strategically placed throughout your plant and accept from one to four sensor bus cables, resulting in a distributed network of condition monitoring sensors. All sensors on each bus are polled sequentially every few minutes, allowing the system to collect condition monitoring data from thousands of connected points, yet without the installation and hardware costs associated with traditional, centralized architectures relying on point-to-point wiring rather than a distributed bus.

    Although the Trendmaster Pro System can accept signals from virtually any commercially available sensor or monitoring device, a wide range of special vibration, temperature, seal leak, pressure, and other sensors have been specially developed to complement the system. These sensors offer the ideal balance of robustness, ease-of-installation, and low cost, allowing the benefits of permanent monitoring while remaining highly affordable.

    Hazardous Areas
    Unlike many other so-called “sensor bus” or “field bus” networks, the Trendmaster Pro system is specifically designed to handle the large bandwidth requirements of condition monitoring data—and requires just a single IS barrier or galvanic isolator for hundreds of points, allowing its use in hazardous areas without prohibitive installation costs.

    DSMs can be connected directly to your process control system using industry-standard Modbus® protocol. This provides an extremely cost-effective entry-level system that uses your existing plant control platform for archiving, alarming, and display – resulting in a totally integrated condition monitoring and process control environment for your operators.

    When more in-depth analysis capabilities are required, DSMs can also be connected to System 1 software via conventional wired or wireless Ethernet networks where all condition monitoring data is archived and displayed. This allows your Trendmaster Pro installation to seamlessly integrate with portable data collectors and continuous monitoring systems, such as Bently Nevada Snapshot instruments and 3500 Series Machinery Protection Systems.

    Learn about other Distributed Machinery available at BBP.


    Aurora moisture analyzers, such as the Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer, provide moisture measurement from low PPM to % levels. The Aurora analyzers have an intuitive interface that makes them easy to learn, configure and operate. They also provide a wide range of reliable measurements with the quick response and accuracy needed for immediate alerts to process upset or out-of-compliance moisture concentrations.

    The test of time. And reliability.

    As with all GE products, Aurora Series TDLAS analyzers are built for reliability. This reliability is proven through a rigorous testing process. For a simulated five-year period, the devices are exposed to the harshest of elements: extreme heat, frigid cold and high humidity. When needed, GE’s global service team responds to customer inquiries with urgency and expertise.

    Just connect and go.

    The Aurora’s intuitive user interface is easy to learn, configure and operate. The turnkey sample system ensures quick and easy installation with only power and gas lines to connect. Once installed, the Aurora is field programmable with magnetic wand so there is no need to open the unit or obtain a hot work permit.

    Low cost of ownership.

    Since the measurement is made without a wetted sensor, there is no requirement for recalibration. The Aurora is not subject to drift, so there is no need for external reference gas, or costly purifiers to provide process baseline gas.

    Features and Benefits

    • Turnkey installation – sample system & analyzer combined
    • Patented pressure and temperature compensation
    • AuroraView intuitive software package
    • Ex d certified and weather proof for various installations
    • Analog and digital outputs
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Capable of multiple calibration curves for different process conditions
    • User-selectable equivalent dew point calculation conforming to ISO 18453, ASTM D 1142, or GOST 8.547


    • Natural gas TEG dehydration
    • Natural gas storage, transmission and custody transfer
    • Carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery and carbon sequestration
    • Metal heat treating furnace gases
    • Hydrogen recycle gas in reforming

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  • GasMeasurement_OxygenAnalysis_xmo2-oxygen-transmitter

    The XMO2 transmitter is a compact, rugged, online transmitter that provides computer-enhanced, drift-free oxygen measurement. It can be used wherever accurate and reliable long-term oxygen measurement is critical to process and product quality. This includes inserting/blanketing liquid storage tanks, reactor feed gases, flare gas, catalyst regeneration, oxygen purity, and many other applications. The XMO2 thermoparamagnetic oxygen transmitter is the most stable oxygen analyzer available on the market today. It represents the state of the art in oxygen measurement. With this product, reliable process oxygen measurement can be as easy as temperature or pressure measurement. Learn more about gas analytical products from BBP.

  • GasMeasurement_BinaryGas_XMTC_Thermal_Conductivity_Transmitter1

    The XMTC thermal conductivity transmitter is suitable for thermal conductivity analysis of hydrogen and other gases. It’s key features include stable glass-coated thermistors, single or dual gas push-button calibration, a PC interface package for digital output and is certified for use in hazardous areas. The microprocessor-based XMTC is a compact, rugged, online thermal conductivity transmitter that measures the concentration of binary gas mixtures containing hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane or helium. The analyzer also combines computer enhanced signal measurement with fast-response software, real-time error detection and digital communication via an RS232 or RS85 interface. Learn more about gas analytical products from BBP.