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  • moore industries functional safety sfy


    The SFY Functional Safety SIL 3 capable Frequency-to-DC Transmitter with Display monitors frequency, period, high or low pulse width, and contact closure signals. It then converts the input signal to a proportional, input-to-output isolated 4-20mA output ready for direct interface with a Safety System, readout instrument, recorder, PLC, DCS, SCADA system. The 2-wire (loop-powered) SFY is ideal for use in your Safety Instrumented System (SIS) in a wide range of process and factory automation monitoring applications:

    • Turbine Tachometer Generators
    • Turbine Flow Meters
    • Magnetic Pickups
    • Dry Contact Closures
    • Variable Frequency Drives
    • Rotating Equipment
    • Pulse and Frequency Output Transducers
    • Motor and Conveyor Speed


    • exida certified to IEC 61508:2010. Certified by exida to IEC 61508 for systematic integrity up to SIL 3 and for random integrity up to SIL 2. This means that an SFY is approved for single use in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) up to SIL 2 and in a redundant architecture (1oo2, 2oo3, etc.) up to SIL 3.
    • Comprehensive FMEDA certified safety data. Upon request, exida-certified FMEDA data is available for a functional safety practitioner to use in determining the SFY’s applicability in specific safety-related applications.
    • Exceptional accuracy and long-term stability. Typical accuracy is ±0.025% of span with up to 5 years between scheduled calibrations.
    • Sets up in minutes with PC software. You can choose, and then view to confirm, all application specific operating parameters.
    • Versatile input choices. Measures frequency ranges between an amazingly low 0.005Hz up to 25kHz; periods from 40microseconds to 200sec; and pulse widths from 0.2msec to 200 seconds.
    • Programmable moving average filter. Minimizes measurement instability caused by the effects of bent turbine blades and other frequency variations.
    • User-configurable display. A 5-digit LCD shows the process variable in selectable engineering units.
    • Input-to-output isolated and RFI/EMI protected. Resistant to unpredictable ground loops and the harmful effects of plant and equipment “noise”.