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Process Sensors’ instrumentation provides accurate and reliable moisture and temperature measurement for quality control of manufacturing processes such as food, wood and paper products, tobacco as well as pharmaceuticals and plastics.

  • Metis_M3_Pyrometer

    Metis M3 Pyrometer

    The Process Sensors Metis M3 pyrometer is available in single and dual wavelength versions and feature advanced design and feature sets. The Process Sensors model Metis M3 is highly unique with advanced design through customization, and adaptability outperforming any conventional pyrometer on the market today. The M3 has the ability to be used in ambient temperatures up to 80°C, with fiber optic versions on the optical head rated up to 250°C. The free user-friendly SensorTools software provides 1 point calibration program and can easily be calibrated via a PSC Black Body Calibration Source.

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  • PSC Surveyor Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

    PSC Surveyor Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

    PSC Surveyor Series Thermal Imaging Cameras offer a comprehensive range of imaging and line scanning camera systems. These features continuously monitor and control industrial processes. These state of the art camera systems provide real-time thermography with an astonishing 128 Hz frame rate.

    Process Sensors Thermal Imaging Camera Systems provide thousands of single-point measurements, mapping in multiple colors the thermal distribution of temperatures over an area defined by their optics. Thermal imaging systems are now used routinely to continuously monitor and control industrial processes. To meet this demanding need, Process Sensors offers a comprehensive range of real-time imaging systems covering an overall temperature span from -4°F to 4532°F

    Cameras remotely triggered to respond to fast, occurring events by initiating alarms and outputs for later retrieval and analysis. They can also capture and record data to a network and switched in the field to a line scanner mode. This allows the camera to perform as a line scan camera. These unique products are also applied to laboratory and R&D applications covering an overall temperature span from -20°C to 1800°C. To see more of the Thermal Imaging Cameras BBP offers, click here.

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    Dowload the manual to learn more about PSC Surveyor Series Thermal Imaging Cameras.


  • PSC-160 Infrared Camera

    PSC-160 Infrared Camera

    Equipped with simple to use, powerful and intuitive software, the cost-effective PSC-160 Infrared Camera offers real-time temperature readings at any point in the monitored field and can identify unseen trouble spots while they can still be corrected, improving product quality and increasing yield. The PSC-160 camera housing is rated Protection Class IP67 (NEMA-4). Ambient temperature capability is 122°F. Air and water cooled jackets increase operating temperature capability to 212°F and 465°F respectively. Learn more about Thermal Imaging Cameras from BBP.

    Accessories for adaptation to a wide range of applications and multiple system configurations:
    • Custom mounting systems
    • High-temperature cables
    • Process control interface with alarms and multiple outputs
    • Industrial enclosures with explosion proof housings
    • Touchscreen PC’s

    Important Features
    • Outstanding price-performance ratio
    • Detector with 160 x 120 pixels (19,200 measurement points)
    • Real-time thermal imaging with up to 120 Hz frame rate
    • High-resolution thermal sensitivity
    • Compact design (1.77” x 1.77” x 2.44”)
    • A variety of lens choices
    • Wavelength: 7.5 –13 µm


  • PSC-160 Infrared Camera Cooling Jacket

    PSC-160 Infrared Camera Cooling Jacket

    Surveyor Thermal Imaging Camera Series Water Cooled Jacket with Integrated Air Purge and Separate Adj. Mtg. Bracket

    The PSC-160 Infrared Camera Cooling Jacket is an accessory to the PSC-160 Infrared Camera. Download the manual to learn more about PSC Process Thermal Imaging Systems.

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  • PSC-42 Series

    PSC-42 Series

    The PSC-42 Series of simple, 2-wire loop powered sensors offer on-board emissivity adjustment, multiple wavelength options and wide temperature ranges. Ideal for industrial and OEM machine building applications with wide temperature range of -40°C to 2500°C. Boasting temperature ranges from -40°C (-4°F) to 2500°C (4532°F). The PSC-40 Series of 2-wire loop powered pyrometers offer high quality performance, outstanding value and long term reliability. A variety of fixed focus optics are available. Users may choose an optional or integrated laser aiming light to determine exact alignment to the measured target.

    The PSC-42 Series provides accurate as well as reliable temperature measurement for a wide range of applications including glass, steel making, plastics and more.

    Also, it’s easily integrated into existing measurement and control systems with a linear 4 to 20 mA output signal, the PSC Model 42 infrared thermometer series provides a fast response time, small spot size, on-board emissivity adjustment and laser sighting (High temperature models).

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  • PSC-42 Series Cooling Jacket

    PSC-42 Series Cooling Jacket

    The PSC-42 Series Cooling Jacket is an accessory for thr PSC-42 Series. Protective cooling jackets and air purge assemblies are used for temperatures up to 392°F (200°C). Electrical, mechanical and optical accessories are also available.

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    You can also download the PSC-42 Series brochure to learn more about this series, as well as the cooling jacket.

  • BBS-1700

    PSC-BBS 1150 and 1700 Mid to High Temperature Calibration Source

    Process Sensors blackbody calibration source Model BBS 1700 features a high emissivity of +0.99 and a 1″ (25mm) aperture. The PSC-BBS 1700 delivers a temperature ranging from 300°C to 1700°C. To change the temperature, you adjust the set point on the precision digital PID controller to any temperature. But, within the specified temperature range. Upon reaching the user selectable set point temperature, the model BBS 1700 will stabilize and produce a temperature reading to within 0.5°C. This assures high accuracy calibration of non-contact infrared thermometers, thermal imaging camera systems, focal plane array detectors, etc. The PSC-BBS 1700 brochure explains more technical data as well.

  • PSC-SSS-PM Series

    PSC-SSS-PM Series

    The PSC-SSS-PM Series has iniature sensing head design for measurement of inaccessible or moving objects. Optional touch screen interface for indication, graphing, configuration and data logging to MicroSD card. Temperature range -20°C to 2000°C.

    The PSC-SSS-PM Series sensor heads are constructed of stainless steel with a full range of unique companion accessories. These accessories enable accurate non-contact temperature measurement of inaccessible or moving objects in hot environments (up to 356°F). Their space saving design is easy-to-wire and simple to integrate into existing data acquisition systems. The PSC-SSS-PM is resistant to interference from movement of sensing head cables and ideal for mounting on robotic arms.

    Offering a choice of temperature ranges from -20° to 2000°C, the 2-piece sensor system features adjustable emissivity settings on all models. The general purpose models are ideal for a wide range of target materials. These materials include paper, plastics and food.  Other materials consisted of coated metal ceramics, and painted surfaces, as well as liquids and powders. The short wavelength, high temperature models improve the accuracy of readings on reflective materials such as steel and other metal surfaces. Choices of optics, including narrow options for long-distance measurements of high temperature targets.

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  • Transfer Standard Diadem Pyrometer Series

    Transfer Standard Diadem Pyrometer Series

    A Transfer Standard  Diadem Pyrometer Series (TSP) is a highly accurate and long-term stable pyrometer. This series is used for comparative measurements between the TS pyrometer and the pyrometer/black body source under test. TSP temperature readings are then transferred to the devices. The high temperature stability of the BBS1500 enables reliable temperature detection with the TS pyrometer and the transfer to the test pyrometer. Diadem pyrometers are traceable to the International Temperature Scale ITS 90. Then, they are calibrated with PTB-calibrated reference devices and adjusted. They are also easily transportable and verifiable as opposed to calibration sources.

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