Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers

Featured Solutions

  • High Pressure/ High Temperature Conductivity Sensor SC42/SX42

    The DO402G is a dissolved oxygen converter that is designed to meet the exacting requirements of measuring dissolved oxygen in the modern industrial environment. It accepts inputs from both galvanic and polarographic sensors and can display/transmit numerous signals including percent saturation, mg oxygen/l water and ppm.

  • 2-Wire Dual Channel Transmitter/Analyzer FLEXA

    The model FLEXA® two-wire analyzer is used for continuous on-line measurements in industrial appplications. It offers an option for single or dual sensor measurement, making it the most flexible 2-wire analyzer available. The model FLEXA® modular-designed series analyzer offers 4 parameter choices – pH/ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), contacting conductivity (SC), inductive conductivity (ISC) or dissolved oxygen (DO) – with the respective sensor module.


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