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  • EXAxt PH450 4-Wire Analyzer for pH and ORP

    For liquid analysis, the FF20/FS20 Flow Fittings sensors are usually mounted in either a flow or immersion fitting. As a result, we offer a full range of fittings with particular emphasis on designs that reduce installation and maintenance time and consequently save operation costs. A high degree of standardization makes it possible to mount electrodes with DIN dimensions directly into a fitting. For most other types a mounting kit is available. A wide choice of construction materials gives the user the optimal solution for any process considering chemical resistance, pressure and temperature specifications. The program includes fittings and subassemblies for mounting of a variety of electrodes and/or a cleaning system.

    Features of the FF20/FS20 Flow Fittings:
    • Wide choice of construction materials.
    • High degree of standardisation reduces spare holding requirements.
    • Direct mounting of sensors with DIN dimensions.
    • Liquid earth pin for stable measurements.
    • High pressure and temperature specifications.
    • Chemical cleaning system as an option for 2-, 3- and 4-hole fitting.
    • Brush cleaning system as an option for 4-hole fitting only.
    • Electrolytically polished stainless steel fittings for optimal corrosion resistance.

    Download the General Specifications here.

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  • All-in-One pH/ORP (REDOX) Sensor FU20/FU24/PH20

    The FU20/PH20 all-in-one sensors feature four separate elements (pH, reference, temperature, ORP) allowing for the simultaneous measurement of pH and ORP. The FU20 features a rugged Ryton™ body and the PH20 features a PVDF body. The integral NPT threads on the sensors make installation convenient.

    Features and Benefits

    • Available as analog and digital SMART sensors (SENCOM)
    • Solid Platinum ORP/LE electrode for accurate simultaneous pH and ORP measurements.
    • Integral Pt1000 element for accurate temperature measurements and enhanced pH accuracy
    • Double junction and long diffusional path for reference pollution/poisoning resistance
    • Saturated Ag/AgCl reference system with double junction combined with polymerized saturated KCl and ion-trap prolong the life of the reference probe even in chemically unfavorable environments.
    • Extended life time by large volume of polymerized electrolyte and porous PTFE diaphragm
    • Cation Differential reference system available in the FU20 for elongated life
    • Variopin connector or integrated cable options
    • Simple maintenance by comprehensive design
    • Versatile Direct in-line, immersion, off-line installation (flow fitting) and retractable Hot-tap (available with use of the FU20 only)
    • Quick-Release adapter available for the FU20
    • Calibration certificate delivered with each sensor
    • Patented automatic pressure compensation in the FU24
    • Available in two versions, a robust dome shape model for applications with a limited amount of solids, and a flat surface model for applications in which solids are a considerable component


    The FU20 combination sensor shows how Yokogawa applies the motto “Simply the best” to sensor technology. The wide body sensors (26 mm diameter) hold four separate elements in one unbreakable PPS40GF (RytonTM) or PVDF body. Installation is simple with the integrated industrial 3/4″ tapered thread. The large volume gelled electrolyte and the double junction reference system slows down depletion and poisoning therefore extending the lifetime. The system is targeted at those applications where simplicity will result in accurate and reliable pH- or redox measurements. This means that in 90% of the know applications this sensor will be an excellent choice.

    Download the general specs.

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  • All-in-One pH/ORP (REDOX) Sensor FU20/FU24/PH20

    The FU24 is an all-in-one pH and ORP sensor made with a chemical resistant PPS 40GF body for harsh pH applications. It is particularly useful in applications with fluctuating pressure and/or temperature. These processes shorten sensor life because the process fluids move in and out of the sensor under influence of frequent pressure and/or temperature fluctuations. This results in fast desalting and dilution of the reference electrolyte which in turn changes the reference voltage causing a drifting pH measurement.

    Measuring Elements

    • pH glass electrode
    • Silver chloride reference
    • Solid platinum electrode
    • Pt1000 temperature sensor.

    Wetted Parts

    Sensor body : PPS 40GF (Ryton™ with glass filling)
    Earthing pin : Solid Platinum
    Measuring sensor : G-glass
    LE glass tube : AR-glass
    O-ring : Viton
    Reference junction : Porous PTFE
    Bellow system : Viton

    Functional Specifications (at 25^C)

    Isothermal point : pH 7
    Reference system : Ag/AgCl with saturated KCI
    Glass impedance
    – Dome shape : 100 MΩ nominal
    – Flat Surface : 500 MΩ nominal
    Junction resistance : 1.0 to 15 kΩ
    Liquid outlet : non-flow double junction
    Temperature element : Pt1000 to IEC 751
    Asymmetry potential : 8 ± 15 mV
    Slope : > 96 % (of theoretical value)
    Note: The temperature sensor included in the FU24 is designed for cell compensation and for indication. It is NOT designed for process temperature control.

    Dynamic Specifications

    Response time pH : t90 < 15 sec. (for 7 to 4 pH step)
    Response time temperature
    – Dome shape : t90 < 1 min. (for 10 °C step)
    – Flat surface : t90 < 4 min. (for 10 °C step)
    Stabilization time pH : < 2 min. (for 0.02 pH unit during 10 sec.)

    Operating Range

    pH : 0 to 14
    ORP : -1500 to 1500 mV
    rH : 0 to 100
    – Dome shape : -10 to 105 ºC (14 to 221 ºF)
    – Flat Surface : +15 to 105 ºC (59 to 221 ºF)

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  • PR10

    On-line measurements often present extra challenges, especially when routine maintenance is required. The PR10 is a universal retractable assembly that  can be used for all liquid measurements and is suitable for applications where the sensors must be removed without interrupting or shutting down the process. Without any special tools, it can be retracted safely from the process at pressures up to 5 bar (72 psi). The PR10 is designed to accept any commercially available pH/ORP or dissolved oxygen sensor that has a PG13.5 connection.

    • One model for pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and inductive conductivity sensors
    • All commercially available pH electrodes, such as PG13.5, SMART sensors, Vario Pin, YEF and DIN connectors can be installed in the PR10.
    • Integrated protection cage
    • A “scraper” is built-in to each assembly to effectively scrape or wipe off the
      process from the PR10’s shaft as it is being retracted from the process.
    • A safe “through the valve” insertion and retraction design
    • Simplified installation by optional ball valves with flanged or tapered connections
    • Optional flush port accessories makes it easy to keep sensors moist (pH) and clean, and also provides access for calibration if desired.

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  • EXAtrac RF20 Pneumatic Retractables

    Retractable holders are attached to tanks or piping by an applicable process connection. In order to comply with the various process properties the RF20H (Extract 810 and 820) retractable holder is fabricated of stainless steel, Alloy C-22 or plastic. You can further choose between different process and cleaning ports, sealing materials, and sensors.


    Retractable holders are attached to tanks or piping by an applicable process connection. In order to comply with the various process properties the RF20H (Extract 810 and 820) retractable holder is fabricated of stainless steel, Alloy C-22 or plastic. You can further choose between different process and cleaning ports, sealing materials, and sensors.


    Compressed air is supplied via the pneumatic connections on the drive unit. The drive unit inserts the insertion rod in the process medium up to the maximal insertion depth. For safety reasons this is only possible with a sensor installed.


    When reaching the final position of the “measuring” position, the control receives a pneumatic position feedback signal. In this position the sensor head is immersed in the drive unit and cannot be removed. The sensor measures the chemical or physical properties of the process liquid.


    Cleaning, rinsing and calibration of the sensor is possible while the process is running. For this purpose the holder must be moved to the “service” position. Another pneumatic position signal feedback is given when the final position is reached. In the “service” position the insertion rod seals the cleaning chamber against the process to prevent leakage of process liquid. The required liquid is introduced into the cleaning chamber via the cleaning port “IN” and subsequently drained via the cleaning port “OUT”.

    Download the brochure here.

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  • SC25V

    The SC25V is the our first combination pH sensor in a 12 mm design that includes an integral temperature element and a liquid earth electrode. This design provides a large electrolyte volume giving the sensor longer life than most comparable pH electrodes.

    Having a stable, reliable and accurate measurement is of vital importance for pH measurement and control. The SC25V pH sensor has been developed and designed to make sure that this sensor will deliver these results in every application.

    The build-in temperature sensor is located close to the pH measuring glass. This will result in an increased accuracy of the temperature compensation and therefore also the pH measurement. The integrated large Titanium liquid earth will improve the stability measurement countering any stray or ground loop currents that can destroy the reference sensor.

    Features and Benefits:

    • External titanium Liquid Earth
    • Pt1000 integration in pH compartment giving highly accurate temperature compensation
    • ATEX certified : ATEX II1G Ex ia IIC T3…T6 Ga
    • Versatile in-line, immersion or off-line installation
    • CIP and Steam cleaning possible*
    • Useable up to 130°C / 266°F
    • low conductivity applications possible from 10 μS/cm
    • SC25V-ALP25 and -BLP25 for chemically harsh applications and high temperatures
    • SC25V-AGP25 and -BGP25 for all General Purpose applications
    • Available with ID-chip to be compatible with the new SENCOM platform

    *note applicable for SC25V-ALP25 and -BLP25

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