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BBP Sensors

Increase reliability and process efficiency with BBP Sensors

BBP offers a wide variety of temperature and pressure products including thermocouples, RTDs, orifice plates and much more. Our team provides uniquely engineered solutions with rapid and dependable delivery.

Featured Solutions



Our bleed rings are built to ANSI Flange sizes. Our bleed rings goes between two flanges and allows for a top/bottom measurement or drain. All bleed rings are quality checked and tested to code.



Our flush rings are designed to allow the washing out of particles accumulated in the front of the membrane. The pressure chamber can be vented or drained or filled with a cleaning liquid and subsequently flushed, depending on the requirement. Our flush rings allow for two different ANSI flange sizes or ratings on opposite sides of the ring. All flush rings are quality checked and tested to code.


Widely used in many industries, Mac-Weld high pressure Instrument Needle Valves provide quality and reliable function to throttle, regulate and isolate gaseous and aggressive non-viscous liquid services. Mac-Weld Gauge Root Valves offer multi-function capability to isolate, calibrate and vent gauge, pressure switches and static instrument applications.



Our orifice plates provide the most reliable and accurate flow measurement for gas, liquid and steam, across a variety of industries. Designed to perform reliably under the most challenging installation and process conditions.



Pressure gauges offer superior diaphragm seal safety and performance. Combined with a gauge or transmitter, the tamper-resistant all-welded diaphragm seal reduces potential leak points, making it ideal for installations where process integrity and worker safety are paramount.



Our Resistance Temperature Detectors, also known as RTD’s, are sensors designed to accurately measure temperature.  Many RTD’s are composed of a thin wire wrapped around a ceramic core, indicating a linear increase in resistance as temperature surges.



We offer high quality head and stem assemblies in a wide variety of styles. Designed to measure temperature, thermocouples consist of two wire legs made from different metals. The wires legs are welded together at one end, creating a junction where the temperature is measured.



Our thermowells are designed to accept standard and custom made thermometers, thermocouples, bulbs, and RTDs. Available in a large variety of flange and threaded sizes, configurations that include raised face, flat face and ring type joint.

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