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Orifice Plates

BBP Orifice Plates are available fully customizable to suit customer needs. Let our experts create a custom solution to increase your efficiency today.

Featured Solutions

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    Orifice Plates

    Orifice Plates provide the most reliable and accurate flow measurement for gas, liquid and steam, across a verity of industries. With established standards for manufacturing, our Orifice Plates perform reliably under the most challenging installation and process conditions.

    The Universal Size Orifice Plates are the most economical style of plates available because of low initial cost, less maintenance, less storage space required, and the necessity of stocking plates for various pressure ratings is eliminated.

    Designed and built to meet our customer’s requirements. Features of the universal size orifice plate include:

    – Increased reliability

    – Unmatched performance

    – Unprecedented quality

    – Increased process efficiency

    – Improved bottom-line

    Material Options:

    316 Stainless Steel, 204 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, 310 Stainless Steel, 321 Stainless Steel, 347 Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, C-276, Duplex, Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Monel 400, Teflon (more options available upon request)


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