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Refinery Case Study

Customer: Refinery

Product: Reotemp Pressure Gauge with Hi-Vis, Color-Coded Safey Dial and All-Welded MS8 Seal

Application: Hi-Vis Pressure Gauge for Safety

Challenge: A pressure gauge ruptured in process due to operator error and incompatible materials, causing injury to an employee

Solution: An all-welded gauge and seal with wetted parts made of monel 400 to achieve compatability for both processes. Safety features included a hi-vis face and CL2/HF color-coded display on the face of the gauge

Impact: This BBP gauge is operator friendly and made of more compatible materials, an all-welded diaphragm seal and a color-coded dial face to maximize safety in process and limit user error during installation. In addition, moving to a single-gauge solution allowed the customer to streamline their stock supply