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Rack Based

We offer a full line of rack-based online condition monitoring equipment for machinery protection and asset monitoring. Our solutions are non-intrusive, cost-effective, flexible and reliable.

Featured Solutions

  • 3500-encore-series-condition-monitoring-system

    3500 ENCORE Series Condition Monitoring System is the most cost effective, non-intrusive means of upgrading you existing 3300 condition monitoring system to the most modern technology. 3500 ENCORE extends the life of your investment while maintaining a best-in-class machinery protection system for your production assets, all without the hassle of rip and replace.

    Features and Benefits

    • Two package offerings, featuring the 3500 ENCORE System, and the 3500 ENCORE Rack Upgrade – the fast, cost-effective in-place upgrade of GE’s 3300
    • Monitor that does not require removal of the existing chassis, IO modules, or field wiring significantly reducing the cost of upgrading.*
    • Improved performance of the 3500 system while retaining the transducer, keyphasor and relay field wiring from the original 3300
    • Out-of-box connection to S1. The 3500/23E TDI provides direct connectivity to our System 1* machinery management software.
    • Local displays with full color displays showing set points and alarms included on the face of the monitors are superior in appearance and capability to the
    • existing 3300 monitor displays.
    • Same backplane with field wiring left untouched, thus, saving significant costs in upgrading.
    • Same footprint with no cabinet modification required to upgrade.
    • No outage required. The upgrade can be performed in less than a day, while the machine is down during non-peak hours or routine maintenance.
    • Consolidated Spares inventory with 3500 ENCORE monitors, a single 3500 ENCORE monitor can be configured to replace multiple existing 3300 monitors.
    • API 670 Compliance. Bently Nevada is the unquestioned standard for condition monitoring and API 670 compliance for over five decades. The 3500
    • ENCORE series monitoring system continues this legacy.
    • *Purchased equipment includes new monitors along with an EMI housing, backplane interface, new power supply and 3500 configuration software.

    Added benefits of the 3500 ENCORE Series

    Connected Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics

    Connecting to condition monitoring and diagnostic software has never been easier. With the 3500 ENCORE there are no bulky external modules, no additional wiring and no rack slots required. Simply use the Ethernet port in the 3500/23E Rack Interface Module and a single network cable to communicate with System 1 software. Connect to plant control and automation systems is straightforward as well.

    Field Proven Technology

    The 3500 technology has proven its value and dependability with customers everywhere year after year. More than 50,000 racks are installed globally. In addition, the 3500 ENCORE fully meets the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute’s API 670 standard. In addition, the 3500 ENCORE is approved to meet Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and CE requirement.

    What can the 3500 ENCORE be used with?

    The selection of measurement types available in 3500 ENCORE Series is enormous. This allows it to be applied to an extremely wide range of rotating and reciprocating machinery in many industries. Below are just a few of the more common applications that can be easily addressed by the 3500 ENCORE Series.

    • Steam turbines
    • Hydraulic turbines
    • Industrial gas turbines
    • Centrifugal compressors
    • Axial compressors
    • Screw compressors
    • Gears
    • Turbo-expanders
    • Horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps
    • Electric motors
    • Generators
    • Fans
    • Blowers
    • Agitators
    • Mixers
    • Centrifuges
    • Pulp refiners
    • Ball mills
    • Crushers/pulverizers
    • Extruders
    • Pelletizers
    • Cooling tower/heat exchanger fans

    If your specific machine doesn’t appear in the list, please contact us to discuss your requirements. The 3500 ENCORE can come with extensive custom applications. The modifications can then be applied to the off-the-shelf 3500 ENCORE Series solution to handle your nonstandard applications and signal processing requirements.

    Service and Support for the 3500 ENCORE Series

    As the people who design and manufacture the 3500 ENCORE Series as well as the entire portfolio of Bently Nevada asset condition monitoring products, there’s nobody better equipped than GE Measurement & Control to professionally install and support these products. We have successfully completed over 75,000 installation, repair, machinery diagnostic, balancing, alignment, and system commissioning projects worldwide. And, we are everywhere you are with hundreds of locally available, factory-trained sales and service professionals in convenient locations around the world—knowledgeable people that speak your language.

    Our local supports teams can:

    • Complete pre-wired, pre-tested cabinet packages for your 3500 ENCORE Series racks and associated instrumentation
    • Transducer and monitor system installation
    • System integration services for connection of Bently Nevada monitoring systems to third-party control and automation systems
    • Complete project management scope
    • Product verification and repair
    • Training, including product operation, product maintenance, and machinery diagnostics

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  • 3500_Series_Machinery_Monitoring_System

    The 3500 Series Machinery Monitoring System provides continuous, online monitoring suitable for machinery protection and asset condition monitoring applications. It represents our most capable and flexible system in a traditional rack-based design and offers numerous features and advantages not provided in other systems.

    Whether generating power, compressing and pumping fluids, or driving process equipment, the oil & gas industry relies on critical machinery every hour of every day. In these settings, machinery failure isn’t just inconvenient, it can be catastrophic. While repair costs alone can be staggering, the partial or even total loss of production resulting from critical machinery failure – sometimes worth millions per day – can mean the difference between profit and loss for the entire year. With so much at stake, mechanical condition monitoring is more than just a good idea, it’s a necessity. Continuously monitoring critical asset parameters such as vibration, temperature, speed, and numerous other condition indicators is a proven method for anticipating and preventing mechanical failures – proven in tens of thousands of industrial facilities around the world by delivering tangible benefits such as:
    • Improved protection from catastrophic failures
    • Better machinery reliability/availability
    • Fewer process interruptions
    • Enhanced maintenance/outage planning
    • Lower maintenance and repair costs
    • Longer intervals between outages
    • Reduced insurance premiums

    Features and Benefits of the 3500 Series Machinery Monitoring System

    • The industry’s most extensive selection of machinery measurement parameters combined with software configuration for virtually all monitor options
    • Maximum reliability with extensive self-checking and fault tolerant design features
    • Rugged design that is fully compliant with the American Petroleum Institute’s Standard API 670 and API 618 requirements, Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Factory Mutual (FM), GOST, ATEX, and CE requirements
    • Compatibility with a variety of locally or remotely mounted displays
    • Flexibility for configuration with various levels of redundancy, ranging from simplex modules to dual power supplies to redundant relay modules with wide ranging and flexible logical operator options for configuring complex relay logic as desired
    • An Ethernet port in the 3500/22M Rack Interface Module and a single network cable to communicate with GE’s System 1® software, connecting condition monitoring and diagnostic software
    • Optional DNV and Class NK certifications for maritime applications, and communication gateway module to connect to plant control and automation systems
    • TÜV Functional Safety Certification that can be supplied for applications requiring up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2, when the product is used as part of a safety instrumented system

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