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Our software solutions provide seamless integration with our full line of conditioning and vibration monitoring devices. The capabilities of the software scale based on the condition monitoring requirements at your facility including various rotation equipment types, criticalities, and failure mode detection. The capabilities of the application scale based on the condition monitoring requirements at your facility for various rotating equipment types, criticalities, and failure mode detection.

Featured Solutions

  • PAR-Predictive-Maintenance-Software

    Production Asset Reliability (PAR) Predictive Maintenance software connects your existing work management and asset performance systems to generate and track work identification, execution and impact on business objectives. It allows users to aggregate and learn from data in order to facilitate maintenance solutions more efficiently. Once a problem is identified, it can be evaluated and integrated seamlessly into the workflow process for a speedier resolutions _ helping to minimize and effectively plan downtime.

    Production Asset Reliability’s view into overall asset health and productivity allows companies to minimize shutdowns and reduce unplanned events. Its unique insights look at history, trends, and patterns that provide quantifiable analyses. This results in predictive decisions, proactive actions, and mitigated risk.

    Production Asset Reliability:
    Features and Benefits

    Connected Analytics
    Companies can quantify the value of asset condition monitoring and connect it across the entire enterprise so that patterns are correlated, risks assessed, and operations are optimized.

    Greater Reliability
    Track and monitor downtime and production loss, to better leverage KPI’s in order to create and manage reliability strategy.

    Risk Mitigation
    By measuring, monitoring, and managing, Production Asset Reliability helps operators understand the likelihood and consequences of asset failure.

    Optimized Efficiencies
    Connect existing work management and asset performance systems to generate and track work identification, execution, and impact on business objectives.

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    System 1 Classic Condition Monitoring Software is a patented condition monitoring software platform for real-time optimization of equipment and selected processes, condition monitoring, and event diagnostics. Similar in concept to a process control system which allows users to understand, diagnose, and control their process conditions in real time, the System 1 platform provides this capability for the assets that drive your process.


    • Sophisticated alarm management
    • Configurable data acquisition and storage resolution
    • Powerful analytic and diagnostic capabilities
    • Support for Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies
    • Fully customizable displays
    • Enhanced IT management and support capabilities
    • Database integration with GE Predix
    • Highly scalable
    • Role focused user interfaces
    • Root cause analysis


    • Increased safety
    • Improved reliability and availability
    • Optimized maintenance costs
    • Lower energy costs
    • Increased thermal efficiency/optimized heat rate
    • Move data, not people
    • Easier collaboration
    • Faster response, reduced human variance
    • Scale expert knowledge

    System 1 Applications & Extensions

    Enterprise Impact – Fleet Management

    See your machine health – from the machine to fleet levels – in a single, secure web-based dashboard with System 1® Fleet Management. Fleet Management brings increased accessibility, usability, and capability to the System 1 suite of tools and allows customers to get the maximum value out of System 1.

    • Increased accessibility, usability and capability for condition monitoring
    • Access to critical information from System 1 via web browser
    • Enabling maximum value from your System 1 investment
    • Cyber secure connectivity
    • Scalable architecture connects System 1 from multiple locations
    • Simple setup and navigation for instrument and machine health
    • A “list view” summary of all instruments based on health
    • Easy-to-use advisory, alarm and event list, including supporting evidence (trends and waveforms)
    • Analysis Tab to compare machine, measurements etc across sites.

    Bently Performance Software

    This software product extends the functionality of System 1® to include online thermodynamic performance and asset efficiency monitoring of machinery. By integrating with the System 1 database and display modules, Bently PERFORMANCE™ provides comprehensive information on the condition of machines in combined efficiency, mechanical and thermodynamic formats.

    Effective performance management of machinery assets requires a carefully designed system that combines high quality software and system engineering – from sensors to the thermodynamic calculations that provide performance information. This solution provides all of the extra engineering required to ensure that the available thermodynamic performance information meets stringent requirements for accuracy and repeatability.

    System 1 Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS)

    The System 1® Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS) offered as part of GE’s Bently Nevada product suite can predict the level of stack emissions generated by combustion equipment (typically gas turbines) based on ambient conditions, fuel composition and machine operating conditions while taking into account real time degradations.

    Emissions models are developed using GE’s knowledge of aeroderivative and industrial gas turbines combining fundamental physics and real emissions test data. The resulting model can be tuned using periodic data from temporarily installed emissions monitoring system for continued or improved accuracy.

    System 1 Decision Support
    Decision Support Studio enables users to embed years of knowledge into a usable format of rules that can be broadly applied across a business in a repeatable and manageable process. The System 1 software platform now comes with core Decision Support capability with the ability to write basic rules with parametric calculations using RuleDesk Lite*. Decision Support Studio expands the rule-writing capability using RuleDesk Pro* to include dynamic data, more complex functions and added security and testing capabilities.


    RulePaks provide the following benefits:

    • Maximize plant availability
    • Optimize plant maintainability
    • Mitigate Operational Risks
    • Rapid application of expertise from outside your business
    • Asset life extension

    RulePaks have the following capabilities:

    • Configurable advisories
    • Robust IT security
    • Easy plug-in to System 1 platform
    • RulePaks can be deployed across your business
    • Can drive user notifications with Actionable Information

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    Built upon the superior intelligence and diagnostics of the original condition monitoring software, the newly re-engineered System 1 Evolution boasts many revolutionary features, including a new, super-intuitive interface, amazing vibration monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, more reliable functionality and a modular architecture that allows you to customize your experience to meet your specific needs.

    User Experience

    Modern consumer software applications have pushed the envelope when it comes to user experience; we believe the same expectations apply for industrial CM applications

    • Modern and Intuitive Interface
    • Continuous User Involvement
    • User Driven CM and Diagnostic Workflows

    System 1 provides scale when it comes to database management, diagnostics, and work prioritization.

    • High resolution trend, alarm, & startup/shutdown data
    • Short-term “black box” flight recorder for trend data
    • Anti-Friction & Hydrodynamic Bearing Diagnostics
    • Diagnostic Reporting


    Successful condition monitoring programs require collaboration between departments and controlled access to the tools:

    • Distributed Client/Server Deployment Model
    • Remote Portable Data Transfer
    • User Security Profiles

    Embedded Expertise

    Bently Nevada differentiates itself by providing equipment focused solutions and best practice configuration & diagnostics:

    • Equipment State Based Data Collection & Alarming
    • Equipment Models drive best practice configuration
    • Embedded TA, ISO 10816-3, 10816-7, & 14694 Wizards


    You need to get the most out of your production equipment, while lowering operating and maintenance expenses. We’ll work with you to accomplish that goal. Our Supporting Service Agreements (SSAs) range from installation assistance to 24/7 remote monitoring to onsite condition monitoring program management, designed to maximize the value of your investment in condition monitoring technology.

    Learn about other GE Flow Gas Moisture products available at BBP.


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