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Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters

Ultrasonic liquid flow meters offer a number of benefits including no pressure drops, high temperature/high-pressure limits, and flow measurement without obstruction. We offer a variety of accurate, flexible and reliable ultrasonic flow meters for nearly any industrial application.

Featured Solutions


    The AquaTrans AT600 liquid flow ultrasonic transmitter combines state-of-the -art flow measurement capability with a low-cost transmitter package that can be installed right at the process measurement point. It’s designed specifically for water and wastewater applications in full pipes. The all-digital AquaTrans AT600 has no moving parts and requires minimal maintenance. An on-board microprocessor uses patented correlation transit-time technology for long-term, drift-free operation. Automatic adjustment to changing fluid properties and dynamically configured operating software simplifies programming.

    The accuracy in field calibration is ±0.5% assuming installation is a fully developed, symmetrical flow profile (typically 10 diameters upstream and 5 diameters downstream of straight pipe run). Final installation accuracy is a function of multiple factors including fluid, temperature range, pipe centricity, and other influences.

    Clamp-on transducers offer maximum convenience, flexibility and a low installation cost compared to traditional flow metering technologies. With proper installation, clamp-on transducers provide better than 1% of reading accuracy in most applications.

    The AT600 is designed specifically for water and wastewater applications in full pipes, but works with various acoustically conductive liquids. Fluid types include most clean liquids and many liquids with small amounts of entrained solids or gas bubbles.

    Panametrics AquaTrans AT600 Ultrasonic Flow Meter Applications:

    • Potable water
    • Wastewater
    • Sewage
    • Discharge water
    • Treated water
    • Cooling and heating water
    • Irrigation water
    • Other industrial fluids


    • Velocity, volumetric, and totalized flow
    • Bidirectional flow range
      • -40 to 40ft/s (-12.19 to 12.19m/s)
    • 2 to 48 inch standard pipe size options
      • Larger sizes are available, call to order
    • -4 to 131°F (–20 to 55°C) operating temp
    • All meters are water calibrated
    • ±0.2% of reading repeatability
    • CE, UL, CSA, MCert electronics certifications
    • The AT600 is the replacement for the AT868-1-X-X

    Learn about Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters available at BBP.

  • PanaFlow-HT

    PanaFlow HT is a SIL-rated flow meter used for flow measurement of liquids in either nominal or extremely high or low process temperatures. It is the first ultrasonic flow meter to receive SIL (Safety Integrity Level) certification. As a safety flow meter, or coker flow meter, the PanaFlow HT SIL flow meter is designed for use in safetycritical applications where reliability ensures reduction in risk to personnel, to plant assets, to the environment and to corporate reputation. It also brings advantages to any non-safety critical application where reliable ultrasonic flow measurement is required.

    • Coker crude distillation
    • Vacuum distillation
    • Crackers
    • Hydrotreaters
    • Visbreakers
    • Crude oil
    • Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

    Features & Benefits

    • No drifting flow measurement
    • No periodic calibration required
    • No maintenance
    • No restriction in the pipe
    • Reliable measurement by design— (IEC61508 certification pending)
    • Flow measurement in extremely high- process temperature (600°C/1112°F) applications
    • Flow measurement in extremely low- process temperature (-200°C/-328°F) applications
    • Bi-directional measurement

    PanaFlow Gives You Confidence in Your Flow Measurement
    PanaFlow HT is a wetted ultrasonic flow meter that is SIL certified (IEC61508 pending) by design to give you confidence in your flow measurement and to provide reliable flow meter operation for both safety and process control systems. It is the first SIL-rated ultrasonic flow meter on the market.
    In addition to the peace of mind that SIL certification brings, PanaFlow HT also has all the advantages of ultrasonic flow measurement over other traditional technologies—no measurement drifting, no periodic calibration requirement, no restriction in the pipe, minimal pressure drop, no maintenance, and no moving parts.

    Learn about Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters available at BBP.

  • PanaFlow-LZ

    The PanaFlow LZ is a one or two path wetted, ultrasonic flowmeter that brings all of the advantages of ultrasonic technology at a very affordable value. Unlike other flow measurement technologies, the PanaFlow LZ does not require maintenance since it does not have any obstruction in the flow path that could clog the line nor does it have any moving parts that could be damaged by the flowing fluid. Also, due to the inherent nature of our ultrasonic flow measurement, the PanaFlow LZ’s measurement is not affected by changing process conditions and does not drift over time that would require periodic calibration.

  • PanaFlow-Z3

    The PanaFlow Z3 is the latest of a new generation of Panametrics ultrasonic flow meters. It is a three-path wetted meter designed specifically for low-risk, accurate and repeatable measurement of nominal temperature liquids. With a sleek industrial design and ultra-reliable electronics, it provides a top-of-the-line choice for process and industrial applications. The capabilities of the PanaFlow Z3 make it the right meter for a number of industries and applications, including:


    • Upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas
    • Chemical
    • Petrochemical
    • Refining
    • Power generation
    • District energy/HVAC
    • Water/wastewater


    • Process control and monitoring
    • Allocation measurement
    • Batching and blending
    • Transfer lines
    • Cooling water lines
    • Pipeline metering
    • Loading/unloading
    • Plant utilities
    • Tank farms
    • Irrigation
    • Crude refined products

    Reliable flow measurement that is easy on your budget

    The PanaFlow Z3 is a three-path, wetted ultrasonic flow meter that brings together all of the advantages of ultrasonic technology at a very affordable value. Unlike other flow measurement technologies, the PanaFlow Z3 does not require maintenance since it does not have any obstruction in the flow path that could clog the process line or moving parts to be damaged by the flowing fluid.
    Also, due to the inherent nature of our ultrasonic flow measurement, the PanaFlow Z3’s measurement is not affected by changing process conditions (temperature, pressure, and conductivity) and does not drift over time, which eliminates the requirement for periodic calibration. Without requirements for maintenance and calibration, the PanaFlow Z3 offers a low cost of ownership and performance.

    Fast and Easy Installation

    Installation of wetted systems can be difficult and if they are not installed with precision and with close attention to detail, the reliability and accuracy of the system may not meet specifications. With the new PanaFlow Z3 system, the assembly work is done at the factory. The necessary components are already installed, so all the user needs to do is to bolt the end flanges into place.

    What is the PanaFlow Z3?

    The PanaFlow Z3 consists of the Panametrics PanaFlow XMT1000 electronics, three pairs of LX transducers, and sensor body. The XMT1000 is our latest ultrasonic flow transmitter with state-of-the-art flow measurement capability in a rugged enclosure certified for use in hazardous areas. The LX transducer system is our latest advancement in ultrasonic transducer technology and provides accurate, drift-free, and obstructionless flow measurement.

    The LX transducer system consists of our new integrated LX transducers and our uniquely engineered buffers. The design of this system allows for the safe insertion and removal of the LX transducers at any time without isolating the flow meter, shutting down the process or using any special tools. Together with the XMT1000 electronics and LX transducer, the uniquely designed meter body provides a clean and compact flow meter system.

    Learn more about Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters available at BBP.

  • Sentinel-LCT4

    Superior design meets serious workhouse in the Sentinel LCT4 Liquid Flow Meter. Fully enclosed in protective explosion-proof housings, our transducers have less of a buffer between them and the liquid flow—creating reduced transit time and better accuracy. Ultrasonic has comparable measurement to mechanical meters, but with no moving parts—saving you money on lower installation, maintenance and energy costs. Plus, the additional diagnostics give you a clearer picture of exactly what is happening inside the pipe.

    Features and Benefits

    Our patented 4-path chordal configuration is viscosity independent so there’s no need to prove or recalibrate when viscosity changes. The standardized flowcell design of the Sentinel LCT4 means you can get it delivered to you in the field in less time than ever before. Our software code improves speed while the integrated electronics make it possible to perform all your calculations from one centralized location.


    • Liquid custody transfer measurement
    • Allocation measurement
    • Pipeline leak detection
    • Crude oil and refined products
    • Any critical liquid process

    Peace of Mind Performance

    The Sentinel LCT4 is a new addition to the Panametrics line of ultrasonic flow meters. Designed specifically for high accuracy measurement of crude oil, other liquid refined hydrocarbon products, and other non-hydrocarbon liquids, it delivers extremely reliable and repeatable results and meets the strict performance requirements of OIML R117-1 and API MPMS Chapter 5.8. The LCT4 refines the high-reliability characteristics of its predecessor, the Sentinel LCT, into an aesthetically designed, compact meter body with integral cables, no extended buffers and no junction boxes. It continues to retain all of the advantages of ultrasonic flow measurement, including:

    • No drifting or required periodic calibration
    • No pressure drop
    • No restriction in the pipe
    • No moving parts and no filters or strainers

    Learn more about ultrasonic liquid flow meters available from BBP.

  • Sentinel-LNG

    Sentinel LNG extends the use of ultrasonic technology into cryogenic applications. Like the Sentinel LCT, it has no moving parts and uses four-path Robust Path Configuration™. Sentinel LNG uses Bundle Waveguide Technology™ to direct greater tranducer signals into the process while protecting the transducers from cryogenic temperatures.


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