Variable Area Flow Meters

Variable flow meters have a simple design, allowing for easy readings of flow rate. They provide results in clean liquids, corrosive, low pressure, low velocity, steam, gas and high/ low-temperature environments.

Featured Solutions

  • RAKD

    The RAKD Rotameter is a highly accurate variable area flow meter used for the measurement of liquids and gases, particularly in_low flow and high pressure applications. RAKD meters can be fitted with a fine control valve and are designed with horizontal process connections. An integrated flow controller based on the differential pressure principle allows a constant flow rate to be maintained regardless of any variations in process pressure.

  • RAMC

    The RAMC is a short-tube variable area flow meter used for the measurement of flow rates of liquids and gases, particularly in troubled, opaque or aggressive mediums. The RAMC features a robust design, provides reliable measurements with or without power and HART® or Profibus PA, resulting in a truly universal flow meter for gas, liquid and steam applications.


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