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Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex flow meters provide long-term stability and high accuracy, ensuring significant improvements in productivity. They are reliable in clean liquids and a wide range of environments including corrosive, steam, gas and high/low temperature.

Featured Solutions


    The digital YEWFLO vortex flow meter combines a durable_sensor and body assembly with a unique and powerful combination of digital technology that includes spectral signal processing (SSP). The digitalYEWFLO vortex flow meter is accurate and stable, even in harsh process conditions, and has a highly reliable and robust design that delivers improvements in plant efficiency and reduced operating costs. Yokogawa’s digitalYEWFLO Series Classic Vortex Flow Meter includes spectral signal processing (SSP) to provide enhanced vibration immunity and optimum, stable flow measurements. Even under fluctuating flow rate conditions, SSP outputs only the appropriate vortex frequencies with no manual adjustments needed. Learn more about vortex flow meters from BBP.


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