In continuous non-contact level measurement with radar, the sensor sends microwave signals towards the medium from above. The surface of the medium reflects the signals back in the direction of the sensor.

Advantages of the VEGAPULS line include

  • Non-contact level measurement with radar is characterized by high measurement accuracy
  • Measurement is not affected by temperature, pressure or dust
  • User-friendly adjustment saves time

Featured Solutions


    The VEGAPULS 62 is a universally implementable radar sensor for the continuous level measurement of liquids. It is suitable for level measurement in storage containers, reactors and process vessels, even under difficult process conditions. Its wide temperature and pressure range makes project planning simple. With its various antenna versions and materials, VEGAPULS 62 is the optimal solution for almost all applications and processes.


    The VEGAPULS 63 is a radar sensor for continuous level measurement of aggressive liquids or with hygienic requirements. It is suitable for applications in storage tanks, process vessels, dosing vessels and reactors. The encapsulated antenna system of VEGAPULS 63 protects the VEGAPULS 63 against pollution and ensures a maintenance-free permanent operation. The front-flush mounting ensures an optimum cleanability even with high hygienic requirements.


    The VEGAPULS 64 is a radar sensor for the continuous level measurement of liquids in storage tanks, dosing and process vessels with different process conditions or hygienic requirements. The small process fittings offer particular advantages in small tanks or tight mounting spaces. Its robust signal focusing capabilities ensure accurate measurements even when used in vessels with many installations such as stirrers and heating spirals.


    The VEGAPULS 68 is a radar sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids under difficult process conditions and with large measuring ranges. The sensor is ideal for level measurement in high silos, large bunkers, stone crushers and in the furnace. The VEGAPULS 68 has a variety of antenna versions and materials that makes it the optimum solution for virtually all applications and processes. Through the wide temperature and pressure range, the sensor can be used universally and enables simple project planning. Learn more about level measurement products available from BBP.


    The VEGAPULS 69 is a sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids under different process conditions. It is ideal for level measurement in very high silos, large bunkers and segmented vessels. Thanks to the very good signal focussing a simple setup and reliable measurement is ensured. The VEGAPULS 69 can be equipped with an encapsulated plastic antenna or a lens antenna integrated in the metal flange. This enables the optimum adaption to different application areas.

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