Back Pressure Regulators

Back pressure regulators are widely used in liquid recirculation around a pump. Used as a bypass flow regulator in fuel oil systems. For general air, oil, water, and gas services. May be used in cryogenic gas or liquids or sour gas service. Not recommended for steam service.

Featured Solutions

  • CA-1 & CA-2

    CA-1 & CA-2

    Learn more about CA-1 & CA-2 back pressure regulators from Cashco available from BBP. The model CA-1 is a compact, forged Bronze body or SST barstock body back pressure regulator used to control inlet pressure level between atmospheric and 525 psig by relieving excess pressure. Seat ring floats within mechanically contained zone. Lapped seat surfaces allow for leakage rates to approach levels of composition seats. Three body orientation specifications to choose from including Globe, Angle, and Flow-Thru.



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