Rupture Disks

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  • Extruder Barrel Assemblies

    Extrusion Burst Plugs

    Extrusion Burst Plugs (bursting discs) are pressure relief devices designed for over-pressure protection of plastic extrusion processes.


    • Each EBP assembly consists of a threaded tubular body with a rupture disk welded onto the process end
    • ZOOK has the ability to supply any specific combinations of dimensions, threading, and body configuration
    • The EBP assembly is mounted directly into the extruder equipment through a pressure port or thermocouple-well where critical pressures are experienced
    • Body materials: 304 series Stainless Steel with other materials available on request
    • Standard rupture disk material: Inconel
    • Stocked burst ratings 1,000 psig to 15,000 psig in 500 psi increments (for higher pressures contact ZOOK)
    • 0% manufacturing range
    • Burst tolerance ± 10% with typical standard deviation of ± 1% throughout the temp range of 300°F to 750°F (149°C to 399°C)
    • Standard EBPs in stock
    • Customized designs available
    • 100% factory leak-tested
    • 100% electronic thread verification of every assembly utilizing digital imaging
    • 100% ultra-sonically cleaned prior to shipment
    • Private labeling, custom packaging and other options available

  • zook graphite rupture disks

    Graphite Rupture Disks

  • Zook - FDZ Series

    Metal Rupture Disks

  • zamplus rupture disk alarm sensors

    Rupture Disk Alarm Sensors

    The Rupture Disk (bursting disc) Alarm Monitor is a surface mounted monitor designed to remotely detect the condition of a rupture disk (bursting disc) in service. Used in conjunction with the ZOOK ZENSOR®, BA, RDI, BI or similar devices, it will immediately warn the operator of a ruptured disk.

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