Submersible Pressure Transducers

Submersible pressure transducers are incredibly versatile and inexpensive. They can measure the level of just about any liquid within their temperature range. They are often used in waste liquids where the exact chemical makeup is ill-defined and are also becoming popular for battery-powered applications because of their low current draw.

Featured Solutions

  • Model_596_Detachable_Level_Transmitter

    The Model 596 DLT is a submersible level transmitter specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of liquid measurement. The ability to detach the sensor can be an enormous time saver when or if it’s ever needed. Ranges can be set from 0-32 Inches W.C. to 0-335 Feet W.C. or equivalent in Meters or PSI by Viatran at the time of manufacturing This capability allows Viatran to rapidly ship the transmitter within one or two days. No need for you to carry excess inventory.

  • Model_WW517_Pressure_Transducer

    Waste water level sensor with design that prevents clogging. Hazardous location approval option, 3″ Teflon coated diaphragm open face design which helps to prevents clogging. 316 stainless steel body. Integrated cable support loop to support the body. Optional baffle plate to provide increase stability and protection of the sensor. Kevlar reinforced cable prevents cable damage as a result of repeated removal.


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