SignalFire Wireless Telemetry designs and manufactures wireless telemetry products that interface to industry-standard sensors and communicate to/from a Gateway using SignalFire’s wireless mesh network. The equipment is used in long-distance, outdoor wireless communication applications such as those found in oil and gas, agriculture, forestry, water systems and the public infrastructure.

Featured Solutions

  • Signal Fire Sentinel


    Available interfaces include HART, Analog, Digital, Modbus, Turbine, Thermocouple, RTD. Internal battery powers sensor and radio for years. Sentinel is a Class 1 Division 1 intrinsically safe system. Optional Class 1 Division 1 solar modules are also available.



    Our wide range of accessories is designed to suit your wireless needs. These include a range from node checker, solar systems, batteries, power, interface modules and more.

  • sentinel-bracket-kits

    Sentinel Bracket Kits

    The SignalFire bracket mounting kits provide everything necessary to mount a Sentinel-HART with a Sentinel-Solar to a sensor. Kits are available for the following devices: Vega Single Chamber Radar, Yokogawa EJA Series.

  • MIOM-SingalFire

    Multi-I/O Stick System

    The Multi-I/O Stick System is designed to connect to a Modbus Stick and provide sophisticated wireless I/O control and monitoring at remote locations.  Ideal for Separator, Heater Treater, Plunger Lift and Other Applications.


  • WIOM-Signal-Fire

    Wireless I/O Module

    The SignalFire Wireless I/O Module acts as a wire replacement that replicates analog and digital signals over a wireless link between a pair of Wireless I/O Modules. The modules are DIN rail mounted and designed to be easy to use.

    The Wireless I/O Modules can also be used with a standard SignalFire Gateway.


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