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  • Limitorque Electric Actuators

    The Limitorque product range includes actuators that are controlled from a customer’s motor control center to electronic actuators. More than 1 million Limitorque actuators are installed around the world; some have been in operation for more than 50 years. The ruggedness and reliability of Limitorque electric actuators is the primary reason that customers continue to select Limitorque products.

    Flowserve Limitorque is the world’s oldest supplier of intrusive, electromechanical multi-turn actuators and continues to produce the world class L120 and SMB series of electric actuators. Features and benefits include the modular L120 designed for ease of assembly, ruggedness, flexibility, etc.

  • Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuators Series 25

    The Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuators Series 25 mechanism produces torque that closely matches the required torque characteristic of most quarter-turn valves. As per the characteristic of the valve, the scotch-yoke produces its highest torque at the start and the end of each stroke, providing maximum torque at opening & closing of the valve.

    As the piston moves, the length of the moment arm is changing constantly. Because the effective moment arm is longest at the start and the end of the stroke (L2), the starting torque (torque output at the start and the end of a stroke) approaches nearly twice the magnitude of the minimum torque (L1) (torque output at the shortest moment arm length). Thus, scotch yoke mechanism torque output allows the use of a smaller piston, shorter moment arm and lower operating pressures than many other mechanisms.

    Special Design Features:

    • Design: Scotch Yoke
    • Type: Double Acting & Single Acting
    • Body: Ductile Iron/ CS
    • Seal: Buna N
    • Torque: 30,000 Nm maximum
    • Temperature: (-)20°C  to (+)150°C
    • Supply: Air Pressure 3 bar minimum, 7 bar maximum
    • Features: Stroke adjustment ± 5°, both ways
    • Mounting: ISO 5211 mounting/ Namur interface

    Download the Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuators Series 25 brochure to learn more about the

  • Series 21 Rack and Pinion Type Pneumatic Actuators

    Series 21 Rack & Pinion Type Pneumatic Actuators can be pneumatically driven in either spring return or double acting mode or driven by an electric motor. Learn more about valve automation products and actuators.

    • Design: Dual Rack & Pinion
    • Type: Double Acting & Single Acting
    • Body: Extruded Aluminum, Hard Anodized
    • Seal: Buna N/Silicone/Viton
    • Torque: 1900 Nm maximum at 8 bar air pressure
    • Temperature:  (-)40°C  to (+)180°C
    • Supply: Air Pressure 3 bar minimum, 8 bar maximum
    • Features: Stroke adjustment ± 5°, both ways
    • Mounting: ISO 5211 Mounting/ Namur interface


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