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Ball Valves

Featured Solutions

  • Flanged-Ball-Valve

    Flow-Tek’s Series RF15 & RF30 flanged ball valves feature a compact, one piece body design with threaded insert. The one piece body supplies maximum structural strength while minimizing the number of potential leak paths. A floating ball design offers low torque and increases valve cycle life. These rugged, economical, end entry flanged ball valves are ideal for industrial applications.

    The primary seal is a combination of a thrust washer and thrust washer protector. An adjustable stem packing creates a secondary seal between the stem and body. The stem packing is composed of RPTFE V-rings as standard – graphite stem packing is standard on all Fire Safe valves. Flow-Tek balls are precision machined and mirror finished for bubble-tight shut off and less operating torque. As an added safety feature, a hole in the stem slot of each ball equalizes pressure between the body cavity and the line media flow. 1”– 4” valve bodies are investment cast and all valve size castings are solution annealed/normalized for the highest quality and added strength. All body castings are marked with a foundry heat number for full traceability.

    All manually operated valves feature a Locking Device to prevent accidental movement of ball position. 1”– 2” valves feature a Safety Trigger that locks the handle in the open or closed position. The handle lock can be bypassed, if needed, with a small bolt through the handle in the release position. On all sizes a Padlock can be added to secure the handle in position, preventing unwanted movement of the ball. 3” through 6” valves feature a NAMUR stem slot for ease of limit switch mounting.

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  • FlowTek Series S40

    The FlowTek Series S40 offers an economical compact, one piece body design. The one piece body supplies maximum structural strength while minimizing the number of potential leak paths. Model S40 valve bodies are made of high quality investment cast 316 Stainless Steel. S40 valves feature quarter turn operation, bottom entry blowout proof stems and low operating torque. A variety of handle designs, such as standard locking lever, optional oval and optional butterfly, are available for ease of operation or safety applications.

    FlowTek Series S40 Testing

    • All valves are tested in accordance with MSS-SP72.
    • Threaded End Connections meet ASME B1.20.1 NPT.
    • Vacuum service to 29 inches Hg gauge.

    Specifications of the FlowTek Series S40

    • Ports:Reduced Port
    • Body Style:One Piece
    • Size Range:1/4″ – 2″ (8mm – 50mm)
    • Temperature Range:-50°F to 450°F (-46°C to 232°C)
    • Pressure Ratings:1000 psi WOG (69 Bar)
    • Steam Rating:150 psi WSP (11 Bar)
    • End Connections:Threaded – NPT
    • Body Materials:Stainless Steel
    • Seat Materials:RPTFE
    • Applications:General Service, Air, Water, Oil & Gas


    • Ports: Reduced Port
    • Body Style: One Piece
    • Size Range: 1/4″-2″ (8mm-50mm)
    • Temperature Range: -50°F to 450°F (-46°C to 232°C)
    • Pressure Ratings: 1000 psi WOG (69 Bar)
    • Steam Rating: 150 psi WSP (11 Bar)
    • End Connections: Threaded – NPT
    • Body Materials: Stainless Steel
    • Seat Materials: RPTFE
    • Applications: General Service, Air, Water, Oil & Gas

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  • Severe-Service-Metal-Seated-Ball-Valves

    Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valves

    The Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valves are suitable for the harshest applications and customized as required for specific applications. Each M1 valve is engineered for the customer’s specific application and also backed by a specialized and trained service department.

    Flow-Tek’s technical engineers are industry leaders with exclusive metal seated ball valve experience. Since the early 1980’s, Flow-Tek has successfully found solutions and created performance improvements for our customers. Our M1 valves have the very best improvements and features that will outperform other metal seated ball valves in the market. Flow-Tek is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, especially in design and service to meet customers’ technical and commercial needs. Flow-Tek’s global sales, manufacturing, and purchasing facilities allow us to produce the most technically advanced valves designed with the highest quality and workmanship at competitive pricing. Combined with our extensive service network, we are able to assist with any of your valve needs.


      ASME Section VIII – Div 1, Appendix 2
    • SIZES:1/2″ – 36″ (DN 15 – 900)
      Custom and larger sizes available upon request
    • PRESSURE RATINGS:ASME 150 – 4500
      Custom higher pressures upon request
    • TEMPERATURE:Standard design rated up to 1100°F (593 °C), can be customized for higher temperatures
    • END CONNECTIONS:Raised Face Flange (ASME B16.5 and EN 1092-1)
      Ring Type Joint (ASME B16.5)
      Butt Weld (ASME B16.25)
      Socket Weld
    • END-TO-END:ASME B16.10 (Long Pattern)
    • TESTING:MSS SP-61, API 598, ANSI/FCI 70-2
      ISO 15848-2
      Custom Tests Available
    • FUGITIVE EMISSIONS:API 622 packing
      API 641 certified
      ISO 15848-1 certified

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  • Three-Piece-Ball-Valve

    Flow-Tek’s Three Piece Ball Valve (Triad Series) features live loaded stem seals and a redundant body seal design. Available in full and standard port models, these rugged, high pressure three-piece valves are ideal for the process, severe service, high temperature, and high cycle applications.

    Secure Mount: Triad Series valves offer ease of automation due to an integrally cast actuator mounting pad that complies with ISO 5211 standards through 2″ valve sizes. The three-piece body design of the Triad Series offers many advantages, including installation flexibility, elimination of the need for two sets of flanges, and ease of in line and out of line servicing. These time-saving features are beneficial for process industries, automated valves and welded piping systems by reducing costly downtime. During maintenance, the actuator and accessories can remain mounted on the valve body. The entire valve and actuator assembly is easily reinstalled with no need for recalibration of the unit.

    Flow‐Tek’s technologically advanced ball valve design is the product of a highly evolved research and development program. Each valve incorporates premium components from certified vendors. The components that go into a Flow‐Tek valve must pass rigorous incoming quality inspection procedures. Each casting has a foundry heat number for traceability.

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  • Trunnion-Mounted-Ball-Valves

    Delval Flow Controls offer a wide range of Delval Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves. All Delval Ball Valves are manufactured and tested in conformance with API 6D specifications and designed to meet our customers’ demanding service conditions.

    In Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, the ball is held in a fixed, axial position by upper and lower trunnions and can move only in a rotational mode. The seats are contained in metal carriers that are spring loaded against the ball. Line pressure applied to a closed valve increases the spring loaded upstream seat to effect a tight seal. The primary seating is therefore on the upstream seat, permitting trunnion mounted ball valves to be used for “block and bleed” services.

    • Spring loaded floating seats maintain contact with the ball and provide a tight shut off even at low pressure differential. Independent sealing of upstream and downstream sides facilitate draining of fluid from body cavity, and thus double block and bleed operation.

    The anti-blowout stem permits the replacement of the stem seals with the vale in the fully closed or open position.  As the stem motions from full open to full close, there is a 90 degree rotation, and ball valves are ideally suited for automatic operation.

    All Delval stems feature anti-static grounding device as standard. These devices ensure electrical continuity between valve ball, stem and body, thus eleminating the possibility of static electrical charges creating sparks within the valve.

  • V-Control-Ball-Valves

    Standard round ported ball valves have been used, and continue to be used, for many control applications such as services involving moderate pressure drops. Now, with the development of Flow-Tek’s characterized V-Control Ball Valves, a full range of control applications is available with superior flow control. These 1/4-turn control ball valves are more compact, lighter weight and much less expensive than comparably sized globe valves and segmented control valves offered by other companies. Flow-Tek control valves offer fast response times to control signals due to advanced digital control of actuation and the inherent strengths of ball valves. These V-Control Ball Valves exceed Class VI offering bubble-tight shutoff with zero leakage. Other features include superior rangeabiltiy and repeatability, high flow capacity, the ability to function with fluids containing solids and fibers, ease of maintenance and exceptional interface with PLCs and computer command signals. Flow-Tek high quality pneumatic and electric control actuators are very durable and efficient.

    Increased Linear Response

    Due to the in-line design inherent with characterized control ball valves, line media flows linearly through the piping system. The direct pattern provides increased media control and rapid response times to controller commands.

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