MODBUS Protocol Seminar


Receive training on the VEGAPULS radar transmitter and guided wave, including the Flex 80. Training will incorporate a hands-on approach where each tech will get the opportunity to connect to an instrument with their personal laptop. The class will also include discussions on applications and commonly used special parameters for difficult measurements.

  • Understand what industrial protocols are and do.
  • Learn the technology of Modbus protocol
  • Learn the technology of OPC
  • Learn how to use Modbus simulator software
  • Learn how to setup Modbus (serial and Ethernet) with a temperature controller
  • Connect a temperature controller to a PC using Modbus and OPC
  • Know where Modbus and OPC can be used in your facility

Additional details

  • 3 hour course
  • Breakfast, Refreshments, Lunch Included
  • PDH Certificates provided
  • Payment: CC or Purchase Order

Fundamentals & Topics

  • Basic Principles
  • OPC Software Technology
  • Applications
  • Pressure
  • Modbus Protocol
  • Live Controller & PC
  • Interactive Demonstrations


BBP Headquarters

337 Highlandia Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70810