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MODBUS Protocol Seminar


Join us for this free, half-day course to learn how to use Modbus protocol and OPC software technology in real world applications. The seminar includes 2 student labs where you will be working with a live controller and PC.

  • Understand what industrial protocols are and do.
  • Learn the technology of Modbus protocol
  • Learn the technology of OPC
  • Learn how to use Modbus simulator software
  • Learn how to setup Modbus (serial and Ethernet) with a temperature controller
  • Connect a temperature controller to a PC using Modbus and OPC
  • Know where Modbus and OPC can be used in your facility

Additional details

  • 3 hour course
  • Breakfast, Refreshments, Lunch Included
  • Certificates of Achievement provided
  • Payment: CC or Purchase Order

Fundamentals & Topics

  • Basic Principles
  • OPC Software Technology
  • Applications
  • Pressure
  • Modbus Protocol
  • Live Controller & PC
  • Interactive Demonstrations


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