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Yokogawa Data Integrity in Data Acquisition Webinar

May 28th, 2020 | 10 AM CST

Data acquisition and recording instruments that save data to PC-accessible data files (electronic records) have been available for many years, nearly obsoleting paper data recording devices in most industries. The convenience, accuracy, and reliability of electronic recording technology has become the acceptable norm. However, certain regulated industries such as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Food and Beverage require a higher level of security and traceability to deem an electronic record equivalent to a paper record including controlled user access, audit trail, and electronic signature functions. Other industries, including heat treatment, environmental compliance monitoring, and power generation have similar needs for secure and traceable recording of their product quality or process data.


In this webinar, we will discuss the data acquisition technology used to meet regulatory and customer requirements for reliability and security, as well as how Yokogawa products meet these specifications.


A complete data management solution, including:

    • Cyber-security
    • Measurement
    • Recording
    • Convenient viewing of real-time and historical trend data
    • Connectivity to the PC environment
    • Reviewing and archiving the data

Fundamentals & Topics