Control Valves

Enhance durability and longevity with our high-quality valves

Our valves are suited to perform specific functions for our customers’ diverse flow control environments. We provide the highest quality products, all of which feature great durability and incredible longevity.



Our ball valves are particularly beneficial under the most challenging operating conditions in the process industry, where difficult media and demanding pressure conditions make severe demands on the design, materials, and performance.


Excellent for precision throttling and on-off services, our butterfly valves are often used for day to day maximum performance. Outstanding throttling accuracy for process control is accomplished through low-friction, erosion resistant sealing surfaces with very low operating torques.


Our globe valves are used to measure and regulate flow, removing pressure drop and destructive turbulence. These valves are designed to keep systems running as efficiently and safely as possible.


Our Rotary Control Valves (RCV’s) are perfect for throttling liquids, gases and slurries. Users find numerous performance advantages, from reduced cavitation and flashing to low noise levels, as well as safety assurances from tight shut-off features and designs certified to the latest, global safety standards.

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