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While control valves are an essential part of most flow processes today, they cannot accomplish their key tasks without help from the many accessories that aid in smooth operation. Let our experienced Valve Application Engineers develop an optimum solution to meet all your valve automation needs.

Featured Solutions

  • Ceramic-Piping-Orifice-Plates

    Ceramic Piping & Orifice Plates

    Our ceramic-lined pipe and fittings are designed to outlast linings such as glass, rubber, basalt, hard-facings, and coatings that are commonly used to extend the life of piping systems.  All pipe and fittings feature extremely wear resistant ceramics that are also exceptionally corrosion-resistant.

  • Flow-Nozzels-BBP

    Flow Nozzels

    Our designs are in accordance with ASME and ISO recommendations to ensure a maximum accuracy in flow measurement. These flow nozzels are available in flanged, weld-in, and holding-ring types using pipe-tap or throat-tap designs for line size up to 24″. Standard materials are carbon steel, chrom-moly, and stainless steel.

    Flow-Lin provides numerous services for our customers including bore calculations, flow-versus-differential curves, temperature/pressure correction curves, cavitation analysis, and laboratory flow calibrations. Our engineering department welcomes the challenge presented by complicated flow problems found in liquids, steam, and gases. We also offer computer software for engineers to run bore calculations for orifice plates, flow nozzles, or venturi tubes (U.S. or S.I. units). The software uses the latest ASME and ISO references to ensure the best calculation accuracy.


  • Vega-Limit-Switches

    Limit Switches

    Our limit switches provide absolute assurance in the most challenging applications by increasing reliability, profitability and reducing downtime. Engineered to meet tough applications while offering high reliability and installation flexibility, these rugged, dependable, and affordable models are designed to provide dependability in all environments.


    • Sturdiness
    • Dimensional accuracy
    • Long life

    Other Details:

    • AccuTrack Valve Position Monitors
    • Weatherproof, Explosion Proof & Intrinsically Safe Enclosures
    • Rotary & Linear Position monitors
    • High-performance resin or powder-Coated aluminum & SS enclosures
    • Impervious to moisture, chemicals, UV resistant and solvents
    • Wide range of switching options like V3 SPDT, DPDT, Magnum XT-90, P&F sensors NJ2-V3-N, MagPac modular sensors, GO switches
    • SIL approved products
    • Intellis Network Control Monitors
    • Wireless Zigbee system
  • BBP-Orifice-Plates

    Orifice Plates

    Choose BBP as your Orifice Plate manufacturer. We manufacture our flow measurement universal orifice plates, paddle plates, ring type joint (RTJ) plates and restriction orifice unions while meeting or exceeding the standards set by A.G.A., I.S.A., A.N.S.I., A.S.M.E. and A.P.I. recommendations. We have fully equipped integrated designing, manufacturing and testing facilities to suit your needs and requirements.

    Over the years, we have manufactured and supplied orifice plate assemblies for many prestigious organizations and projects. Our team provides uniquely engineered solutions with rapid and dependable delivery.

  • Valve-Automation

    Pneumatic Positioners

    One housing for pneumatic or electro-pneumatic, where I/P can be installed, removed, or converted at any time-while still mounted on the actuator. Various mounting capabilities – rotary or linear. Standard indicator can be reversed to direct or reverse acting and always show the proper scale (0-100%).

  • Smart Valve Positioners

    Smart Valve Positioners

    Positioners are used to control the opening or closing of the actuator based on electric or pneumatic signals. Flowserve smart valve positioners are digital valve controllers and microprocessor-based. They have internal logic capability and designed to convert a current signal to a pressure signal to operate a valve.

    The smart valve positioners have the ability to embed software commands into the memory of these digital controllers. This represents the real difference between digital and analog I/P devices. The software capability allows automatic configuration as well as the setup of the valve when equipped with a digital controller. Most importantly, it allows two-way communication for process, valve and instrument diagnostics.

    When using smart valve positioners, you have automatic calibration as well as configuration. This allows you to realize considerable time savings over traditional zero and spanning. They also feature valve diagnostics. Through the Distributed Control System (DCS), PC software tools, or handheld communicators, users can diagnose the health of a control valve while it’s in the line. Other features include reduced cost of loop commissioning (including installation and calibration), use of diagnostics to maintain loop performance levels and improved process control accuracy that reduces process variability.

    To learn more about the product from Flowserve, click here.

  • Pietro-Fiorentini-gas-regulator

    Specialty Piping

    BBP is fully equipped to manage the design, delivery, assembly and testing of valve actuation and automation systems for projects of any size. Our team of experts can assist you by providing fully customizable specialty piping and other valve automation solutions.

    Learn more about Valve Automation accessories and more available from BBP here.

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